Cross-border podcasts

Selling internationally ups the complexity for tax compliance. We’ve put together a podcast series to help you understand challenges of cross-border selling, as well as how to overcome them.

Selling cross-border? What you need to know to prep your products for smooth customs clearance.

If you’re responsible for expanding into international markets, you know how difficult it is to stay on top of the latest customs regulations, tariff codes, and duty rates. Learn how automation can help you stay compliant and reduce the risk of shipments getting stuck in customs. In this 15-minute podcast you’ll hear from Craig Reed, Senior Vice President of Global Trade at Avalara.

3 tips to delight international customers and scale your business globally

Cross-border ecommerce is booming as shoppers search the internet to find products they used to buy in stores. Selling internationally can boost revenues and grow your business, but sellers need to be aware of customs regulations, duties, and taxes to provide cost transparency and a convenient delivery experience. In this podcast Craig Reed, SVP of Global Trade at Avalara will share tips to help you succeed when selling cross-border.

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