AvaTax Cross-Border

Calculates customs duties and import taxes at the point of sale, creating a transparent and frictionless online shopping experience for international customers.

Online shopping has made the retail world smaller than ever before. From a customer’s point of view, a click is a click, whether shopping domestically or internationally. But for an online seller, expanding into global markets means a host of new considerations and inherent complexity.

Many taxes, one solution

Rather than relying on error-prone manual processes or multiple, siloed tax systems, use AvaTax Cross-Border to calculate VAT, GST, customs duties as well as sales and use tax.

Real time at the right time

Our SaaS solution applies tax and duty rates based on the latest local tax rules and global trade regulations in our tax engine to calculate import taxes and customs duties within milliseconds right at the point of sale.

Integrated tariff codes

Upload your own Harmonized System codes (HS codes) or leverage out-of-the-box integration with Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification for more accurate and efficient assignment of country-specific tariff codes to your products.

Take advantage of a robust API

Your developers have access to our suite of powerful, documented APIs to tailor AvaTax Cross-Border to your specific business needs.

Features and benefits

Simplify with a single tax platform
Simplify with a single tax platform

Maintaining multiple tax systems is time-consuming, complex, and increases the risk of costly errors. Our solution unifies customs duty, import tax, and sales and use calculations in a single platform, supporting your global and domestic needs with continually researched tax content across hundreds of international jurisdictions.

Improve customer experience
Improve customer experience

Regardless of their location, customers want to know the full cost of their product purchases. Presenting customs duties and import taxes at online checkout helps avoid nasty surprises on delivery, improving customer satisfaction and driving higher conversion all while reducing costly rejections or customs delays.

Preserve your margins
Preserve your margins

Manually updating various duty and tax rates and associated tax rules for hundreds of countries is expensive and inefficient. Our platform allows you to stay ahead of this complexity and calculate duties and import taxes in real time, collecting duties and taxes at checkout while reducing the risk of costly penalties or carrier surcharges. 

Integrate with existing business systems
Integrate with existing business systems

AvaTax Cross-Border works in harmony with the rest of your ecommerce technology stack and ensures your freedom to select other best-in-class partners to power your other non-tax cross-border needs. We provide prebuilt connectors to leading ecommerce platforms, including Magento as well as a powerful, yet simple, suite of APIs.

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