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Cross-border ecommerce quiz

How much do you know about international ecommerce? Test your knowledge of what it takes to sell cross-border.

INFOGRAPHIC: Find your way to international sales

Ready to expand the reach and reputation of your business? This road map walks you through a typical cross-border transaction and can help you understand the opportunities of international sales and get a handle on the challenges of customs duties and taxes.

Webinar: Win with Cross-Border eCommerce Operations

Global commerce provides a prime opportunity for retailers to expand sales. This on-demand webinar is available to help you prepare your supply chain and develop a successful cross-border ecommerce operations strategy.

Avalara's cross-border solution — see how it works!

Position your business for global success. See how Avalara’s cross-border solution can help you stay compliant, reduce delays in customs, and keep your international customers happy.

An analysis of the cross-border ecommerce opportunity (and challenges)

Survey results from NAPCO Research identify the top issues online retailers have when selling cross-border and how they are addressing them.

What online sellers need to know about landed cost

Getting the landed cost right is crucial for making international selling a success. For the best shopper experience, it’s key that customers understand all the costs of their purchase.

Free ebook: Selling Cross-Border For Dummies

From item classification to duties calculation, get the information you need to stay compliant and reduce your risk of penalties, fees, and unhappy customers.

5 reasons to automate customs duty and import tax calculation

In this whitepaper, we’ll look at five ways calculating customs duty and import taxes using an automated solution can improve your overall compliance, your bottom line, and your relationship with international customers.


See how calculating and communicating all taxes and duties up front can lead to loyal cross-border customers. Compare the experience when shipping DDP vs. DAP.

The top 6 myths about landed cost — and the reality for online sellers

You can find customers for your products all over the globe. However, actually getting your products to those international customers is more complex than you might think.

The role of logistics in international ecommerce

This whitepaper will address the renewed focus on the technology required to succeed in cross-border commerce as well as how to move packages across the globe efficiently and economically. 

The importance of Harmonized System (HS) codes

What are HS codes, and what do ecommerce businesses shipping internationally need to know about them?

Understanding international product classification through Harmonized System codes

Everything you need to know about Harmonized System codes when shipping internationally.

INFOGRAPHIC: The complexity of cross-border classification

Shipping goods cross-border isn't as simple as you'd think. First, you need to classify your items which can be a complicated task. See what goes into classifying a product for international shipment and how it can impact the duty rate.

Item Classification Case Study

Learn how a performance cycling company automated item classification to reduce delays in customs and increase margins. 

Cross-border podcasts

Selling internationally ups the complexity for tax compliance. We’ve put together a podcast series to help you understand challenges of cross-border selling, as well as how to overcome them.

10 import tax and duty mistakes you can't afford to make

Check out this top 10 list of potential problems companies shipping internationally experience to make sure you’re not putting your business at risk.

Preparing supply chains for the surge in global e-commerce: The cross-border requirements behind a smooth operation

Is your business ready for an increase in global ecommerce? Demand for cross-border sales is on the rise. Learn how to keep up with compliance requirements while meeting customer expectations.

Global tax compliance driving the need for cross-border technology

IDC evaluates the complexity of cross-border ecommerce and the role tax technology plays in facilitating international transactions.

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