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Tax calculation

AvaTax Sales & Use Tax

Dynamically delivers sales and use tax calculations, based on the latest rules and rates in our system, to your shopping cart or invoicing system at the time of purchase.

Avalara Consumer Use

Automate self-assessment of consumer use tax liability across your business.

AvaTax Excise

Real-time identification and calculation of excise and value-based taxes for a broad range of financial transactions involving petroleum products. 

AvaTax Communications

Connects directly to your billing or ERP systems to calculate taxes and fees specific to communications, streaming, or other services and automatically apply them to transactions or invoices. 

Item Classification

Automatically assigns country-specific tariff codes to your products, so you can confidently complete customs documentation.

AvaTax Cross-Border

Calculates customs duty and import taxes such as VAT and GST for your international shipments.

Tax returns

Returns Sales & Use

Automatically gathers data from AvaTax to prepare and file your sales and use tax returns, and remit payments, across multiple jurisdictions every filing cycle.

Returns Excise

Determines your applicable taxes, generates schedules and returns, and handles filing and payments for all major excise reporting jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada. 

Returns Communications

Handles return preparation and filing on your behalf, as well as certain state regulatory reporting, and remits your payments to the appropriate jurisdictions. 

Prepares and files your vacation rental tax returns for a single unit or multiple properties, and securely draws funds from a designated account to cover your payments.


A sales tax return preparation and filing service designed specifically for ecommerce sellers, especially those dealing with the complexities of multistate compliance.


Tax document management


A highly scalable solution to securely collect, store, and manage tax documents — exemption certificates, W-8s, W-9s — in the cloud. Automates exemptions at checkout.


Automates and simplifies the process of collecting, validating, and managing vendors’ federal tax forms to help you be FATCA-compliant and audit-ready. 


Store and report on different types of fuel licenses and exemptions from one single platform, and apply them to transactions automatically. 

Avalara Licensing

Avalara can help you get most non-regulated licenses, permits, and registrations across the U.S., including state, county, and local licenses.

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