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Whip your tax compliance into shape – and keep it humming – with our range of expert advisory services.

Put a tax pro in your corner

The demands of tax compliance are many, but there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Whether you’re a new, growing, or established company, let our tax experts guide you through nexus, business licenses, VDAs, backfiling, and more. We can even fast-track your implementation of Avalara tools.

Nexus analysis

Knowing where to collect sales tax is critical, but it’s harder than ever with new laws and changing legislation. A thorough analysis of your sales activity will help identify where you have nexus, i.e., sales tax responsibilities.


Get the sales tax permits you need to run your business, in a fraction of the time it would take to wrangle them all up on your own. We'll handle your registration in one or multiple jurisdictions.

Voluntary compliance

If you have unfulfilled sales tax responsibilities, we can help — whether you collected sales tax but didn’t file or triggered nexus months ago and just now realized it. We’ll help you understand your next steps or serve as a liaison to the state regarding your voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA).


When there’s a gap in your filing history or an issue with a past filing, such as under- or over-reporting, rely on Avalara to take charge of the situation. We’ll help you get your returns and filing back on track, whether you’ve received a notice from a jurisdiction or uncovered a filing issue yourself.


Facing a complex tax picture, a large ERP environment, or limited time and resources? Let us integrate your selected Avalara solutions with your existing business ecosystem. We can help ensure a successful integration with multiple and even custom systems.

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