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Changing nexus rules. Registration requirements. Tax amnesty. For some tax issues, you want a professional in your corner.  Our sales tax experts are ready to help you understand your options and determine a course.

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Nexus Studies & Monitoring Services

For any business that is unsure of their nexus status or if their business activities create nexus for their company, Avalara Tax Advisory Services can evaluate a company’s business practices and determine if they have generated nexus in a state where they are not currently registered or can determine if they do not need to be registered in a state where they are currently registered. Determining where a company has nexus can be tricky, and unless a company has a sales tax expert on staff, they could have nexus in a jurisdiction and be unaware of their obligations, creating the risk of a negative audit or over- or under-charging tax to customers. Avalara’s Tax Advisory Services provides the expertise and peace of mind.

Tax Registrations

If a company has uncovered that it established nexus in a jurisdiction where it is not currently registered, Avalara Tax Advisory Services can help the company get registered.

Voluntary Compliance & VDA Services

Avalara can provide the tax expertise a company needs, when they need it. If a company has uncovered a state where they were collecting but not properly filing sales tax returns, or maybe just realized their business has established nexus in a jurisdiction where they have been selling for years but haven't been filing sales tax in that state, Avalara’s Tax Advisory Services can help businesses manage these risks. Our services help customers understand their company’s tax registration and reporting obligations and provide voluntary compliance options should historical registration and reporting be required. Should Avalara find that a company needs voluntary disclosure agreements (VDA) created, we can represent the company and pose the VDA to the affected jurisdiction.


For companies that for one reason or another were not able to file their sales tax returns on time, Avalara Tax Advisory Services can help them get compliant. Perhaps a jurisdiction assigned a new filing frequency, there are gaps in filing history, or sales were over- or under-reported. Avalara uses the information in our system, notices from jurisdictions, and online account information to ensure our team provides the appropriate options for missing periods.

Implementation Services

For companies that have a complex tax picture, a large ERP environment, or limited time or resources, Implementation Services can help them implement AvaTax, CertCapture, Returns or Excise. Our skilled Implementation Services team can seamlessly integrate Avalara solutions with a company’s legacy or custom software, integrate multiple systems to ensure continuity across departments and divisions, and most importantly, off-load work from the company’s IT team for complex, custom, or multi-system integration.

Outsourced exemption certificate management

Avalara’s Managed Services team can handle your exempt certificate management operations on behalf of your organization.

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