Sales tax solutions for marketplace sellers

Whether you’re registering in multiple states or looking for filing options, Avalara has the tools you need.

Get sales tax right when the rules are ever-changing

Marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart offer your business incredible reach, but can complicate your sales tax. Avalara can help at every step to achieve compliance:

Finding out where you’re required to remit sales and use tax (your nexus)
Finding out where you’re required to remit sales and use tax (your nexus)
Registering to do business and collect sales tax in any new nexus states
Registering to do business and collect sales tax in any new nexus states
Filing and remitting sales tax
Filing and remitting sales tax



Getting registered with Avalara Licensing

Our economic nexus tool can help you determine the U.S. jurisdictions where you’re required to register, file, and remit taxes. Manually researching the appropriate forms and registering for one or two states through government websites may be manageable, but if you’re required to register in several states, DIY quickly becomes impractical.

Avalara Licensing makes it easy to get multiple licenses more efficiently. You’ll also get peace of mind knowing you’ve got the right forms going to the right locations, and we even follow up to make sure everything’s on track.

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Filing made simple with Avalara TrustFile

We all know sales tax is complicated and filing in multiple jurisdictions doesn’t make things any easier. TrustFile can help you rein in the complexity by tracking different filing schedules and using your marketplace sales data to prepare your returns in official state forms. Make sales in your own ecommerce store? TrustFile can use that sales data, too.

And once all your files are prepared, you can submit them with a single click.

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Manage more complex filing requirements with Avalara Returns

Some businesses require a more comprehensive filing solution. If you have consumer use tax obligations, make sales outside the U.S., or need to file in Colorado, Avalara Returns can handle your more complex filing needs.

It’s customizable to your business and you only have one tax payment — we remit to the appropriate jurisdictions on your behalf.

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Avalara’s solutions integrate with popular marketplaces

Different states, different rules

Whether you need to remit sales tax from your marketplace store depends on which states you sell to. See how rule sets in Avalara AvaTax can help you correctly apply sales tax, based on state laws.


Additional resources

If you have questions about sales tax obligations for marketplace sellers, you may find the following information helpful:

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Economic nexus tool

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TrustFile + Amazon

See how TrustFile integrates with Amazon to simplify your filing and remitting process.

New: 2020 sales tax changes report

Each year, we research changes to sales tax laws and how they affect sellers. Our latest report includes information about economic nexus, marketplace seller laws, global trade, and more.

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