Working together to make lodging tax easier, faster, and more accurate for Vrbo hosts.

Lodging tax can be complicated. Managing different tax agencies, registrations and licensing requirements, and monthly tax return filings can be a headache.

MyLodgeTax is the simple solution to make lodging tax compliance quicker and easier. We'll apply for and obtain any licenses or registrations for your rental property, then our software will begin preparing, filing and paying your lodging tax returns each filing period.

Our partnership with Vrbo means your bookings and rental information will automatically sync with MyLodgeTax each month, giving you one less thing to worry about when it comes to running your vacation rental. 

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        Features and benefits

        Complete lodging tax coverage
        Complete lodging tax coverage

        We handle all of your lodging tax requirements, from obtaining required licenses to preparing, filing, and paying your returns.

        Automated Vrbo tax reporting
        Automated Vrbo tax reporting

        Your Vrbo bookings and rental information are automatically sent to MyLodgeTax, saving you time and improving accuracy.

        Knowing exactly what you owe
        Knowing exactly what you owe

        We know which taxes Vrbo pays and make sure you only pay what you really owe.


        MyLodgeTax is your simple solution for making lodging tax quicker and easier. When you sign up, we'll first apply for and obtain any licenses or registrations for your rental property, then our software will begin preparing, filing, and paying your lodging tax returns each filing period.

        Our integration with Vrbo means your Vrbo bookings information will automatically be sent to your MyLodgeTax account each month. We'll use the data to determine exactly what you owe your local tax agencies, then prepare, file, and pay your taxes on your behalf. 

        If you rent your property on other vacation rental marketplaces or through direct bookings, you can also add that rental revenue to your account to pay all taxes owed at once. We'll take into account which taxes each rental marketplace is already paying and ensure you're only paying exactly what you owe. 

        Pricing for Vrbo hosts  begins at $27 per property.

        If you're just signing up, the easiest way to connect your Vrbo properties to MyLodgeTax is to navigate to the Tax Settings page within your Vrbo account. From there, you’ll see a link directing you to MyLodgeTax that automatically connects your two accounts. 

        When you first sign up, we'll ask for the information we'll need to apply for your licenses and/or registrations and to file and pay taxes on your behalf. 

        In addition to some basic information, we'll need the following information to fully set up your account: 

        • Your rental property address(es) and property ownership information, like your SSN and/or FEIN
        • A limited Power of Attorney form, so we can file taxes and other forms on your behalf
        • Your banking information, so we can pay taxes on your behalf
        • The local individual contact for your property (most agencies ask for this to grant licenses and registrations)

        It takes approximately 30 days for us to obtain your licenses and registrations after you sign up with MyLodgeTax. We'll begin filing your taxes for the month following your signup date.

        Yes, MyLodgeTax supports lodging tax preparation, filing, and payment for all short-term rental hosts with properties in the U.S. or its territories, regardless of how you accept reservations. Our software knows exactly which taxes each rental marketplace pays and what you still owe, so you don't have to worry about over- or underpaying the tax

        For MyLodgeTax to file taxes on your behalf, tax agencies require you grant permission via a limited Power of Attorney (PoA). These are standardized tax agency forms for each state that only authorize us to manage your tax filings and forms. 

        When you sign up, we'll ask for the bank account information you'd like to use to pay your taxes. When taxes are due each filing period, we'll withdraw that amount from your bank account and send it directly to the tax agencies.

        We'll auto-confirm the bookings information sent by Vrbo on the 10th day of the month, even if you don't sign in to approve the data.

        If you're listing your rental property somewhere other than Vrbo, it's important to note you’ll need to sign in to MyLodgeTax account to manually report your additional rental revenue for your tax returns to be filed accurately each filing period.

        Yes, we charge $27 per month per property even in months when you have no rental revenue. In most cases, we'll still need to file a tax return in those months, even though you have no taxes to pay. 

        MyLodgeTax is a month-to-month service, and you can cancel a single property or your entire account whenever you want. 

        If Vrbo takes over managing tax collection in your area, we encourage you to contact us at before cancelling your account. If you’re renting your property directly or on other marketplaces, you may still be required to file regular lodging tax returns. In some cases, state or local tax agencies require the property owner to file an exempt revenue return even when Vrbo is responsible for collecting and paying the tax.

        To cancel your account, send us an email at One of our support team members will help cancel your account and make sure you're still covered for any outstanding tax requirements you may have for your property.

        Within your MyLodgeTax account, you'll have the ability to edit the rental revenue information Vrbo sends us before you review and approve your rental revenue.

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