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Malibu vacation rentals will need city permits starting January 15

A new short-term rental law in Malibu, California, requires short-term rentals to obtain a permit from the city and to include the permit number in any advertising. ...Continued

Huntington Beach legalizes hosted short-term rentals

Under the new regulations, Huntington Beach vacation rental operators must follow maximum occupancy, noise, safety code, and liability insurance rules....Continued

South Lake Tahoe allows hosted short-term rentals

The new ordinance in the city of South Lake Tahoe, California, allows hosts to rent out part of their home while they remain on-site. ...Continued

New Santa Fe law allows only one short-term rental permit per person

The new short-term rental law in Santa Fe, New Mexico, also limits the number of short-term rental permits in residential zones to 1,000 citywide....Continued

Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, and La Quinta pass new short-term rental laws

While the Palm Desert City Council has voted to extend a ban on vacation rentals in residential neighborhoods to more areas of the city, nearby Rancho Mirage is banning short-term rentals altogether. ...Continued

Denver to fine Airbnb $1,000 per day for listings of illegal rentals

Under a new city law, Denver will fine short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb and Vrbo if they allow listings of unlicensed vacation rental properties. ...Continued

Honolulu makes deal with Airbnb, Expedia on short-term rental law enforcement

The platforms will share listings information with the city in monthly reports for verification that rentals are operating legally. ...Continued

Long Beach approves unhosted short-term rentals

Short-term rental operators in Long Beach, California, will be allowed to offer guests unhosted stays, thanks to a new law passed by the City Council. ...Continued

Henderson, Nevada, passes stricter vacation rental rules

The Henderson City Council has approved new short-term regulations that tighten up the rules they set last year when they legalized short-term rentals....Continued

New law requires North Las Vegas short-term rental hosts register with city

New regulations will require hosts to get a license from the city and collect transient lodging tax from guests, among other measures....Continued