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Collier County, Florida, passes new short-term rental registration rules

Short-term rental operators in unincorporated Collier County, Florida, will be required to register their properties under a new law passed by county commissioners....Continued

Short-term rental permits, business registrations, tax licenses, oh my!

Different jurisdictions use different terms to refer to registration requirements. What’s called a zoning permit or business license in one area may be called a short-term rental permit in another....Continued

Huntington Beach extends deadline for short-term rental permit applications

With an extended deadline of the new requirement, short-term rental operators in Huntington Beach, California, now have more time to get their required permits....Continued

Truckee extends short-term rental permit moratorium

The extension is in response to Truckee’s housing shortage and will provide time for the town to review the existing short-term rental rules and study laws in other communities....Continued

Colorado, Oregon voters approve short-term rental measures in several municipalities

Several Colorado municipalities will raise or impose new short-term rental taxes and Lincoln County, Oregon, will phase out short-term rentals from single-family residential zones....Continued

Commonly asked questions from short-term rental hosts: Filing lodging tax returns when your marketplace collects tax for you

Q: When a short-term rental marketplace remits taxes on my behalf, do I need to file a lodging tax return?...Continued

Santa Rosa short-term rentals will need permits under new emergency law

Santa Rosa, California, has passed an emergency ordinance that requires short-term rental hosts to register with the city and collect lodging taxes from guests, among other rules. ...Continued

Rancho Mirage bans short-term rentals

Short-term rentals have long been controversial in the region, with several different governments taking action to regulate them over the past several years....Continued

Washington County, Utah, bans unhosted short-term rentals

Regulation changes are driven by complaints about neighborhood disruptions from properties that host dozens of guests, and concerns about the supply of affordable rental housing for local residents....Continued

Breckenridge, Colorado, sets cap on short-term rental licenses

The Breckenridge Town Council has approved a cap on the number of nonexempt short-term rental licenses allowed in the town at 2,200. ...Continued