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“Stay Here” doesn’t tell the whole story of running a successful Airbnb

The new Netflix show understandably focuses on the more glamorous side of short-term rentals while glossing over the not-so-glamorous tasks of successfully running a short-term rental....Continued

Property management for your short-term vacation rental

Self-management is too time-consuming for many owners. A hands-off approach can allow you to hand over some or all aspects of the process to a third party....Continued

Do-it-yourself short-term vacation rental management

If you’re organized and have the time to coordinate all the moving parts, self-managing your short-term rental could be a good choice....Continued

The simmering battle over short-term rentals

Here are some of the commonly raised points as the debate on short-term rental markets plays out in communities across the country...Continued

Texas Governor and Airbnb Provide Breaks in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas, relief efforts are affecting the vacation rental industry. The state is providing tax relief, and additional help is being offered by the vacati...Continued