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Hosting events at your short-term rental

Hosts need to be careful about events on their properties. Knowing the rules can help avoid trouble with rental platforms, neighbors, and the law....Continued

Software help for managing your Airbnb

Busy hosts can get technological help with many of the tasks associated with running a short-term rental. ...Continued

Selling a vacation rental: your keys to success

Laying the groundwork for a successful sale should come well in advance of deciding to sell your vacation rental property....Continued

How to respond to negative Airbnb reviews

A negative review can actually offer an opportunity for you to demonstrate how great a host you really are — if you respond in the right way. ...Continued

How to get five-star reviews from your Airbnb guests

As a short-term rental host, reviews can make a huge difference in bookings and even prices. So, it’s worth it to do whatever you can to motivate as many guests as possible to leave positive reviews....Continued

Keeping up with changes in the lodging industry

Vacation rental owners need to get used to even more change coming and can’t afford to be complacent, adopt a head-in-the-sand attitude, or hope it goes back to the way it was....Continued

Guide to security deposits for short-term rental hosts

Having the proper processes in place can security deposits them less of a burden for your guests and easier to deal with for you. Read these 10 tips. ...Continued

7 Airbnb podcasts to help boost your business

Podcasts can go with you in the car, to the gym, or wherever else you might want to tune in to get tips on running your short-term rental business....Continued

10 ways to build your vacation rental business and still have free time

There are a lot of regular and one-off tasks to consider. Here are just a few, followed by simple things you can do to minimize your effort and gain back time....Continued

Cities turning to technology to enforce Airbnb rules

In the past, it’s been extremely difficult for communities to track short-term rentals, but technology is changing that....Continued