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Is Airbnb taxable?

Hosts need to keep in mind that running a short-term rental is a business. And where there’s business, regulations and taxes aren’t too far behind. ...Continued

Who collects Airbnb lodging taxes?

How does the tax get from the guest to the government? It’s important for short-term rental hosts to know the rules....Continued

Understanding the Airbnb tax reporting process

There are two different types of taxes that need to be reported for short-term rentals: income taxes and lodging taxes. Here’s what you need to know about reporting for each....Continued

The 6 most common lodging tax mistakes Airbnb hosts make

Here are six common mistakes short-term rental hosts make as they navigate the ins and out of lodging taxes ....Continued

A guide to Airbnb tax forms

When you’re operating a short-term rental, tax obligations come with the territory. And with tax obligations come tax forms....Continued

10 tax tips for short-term rental hosts

Be aware: Taxes go hand in hand with an income-producing business. Here are 10 helpful tips specifically for hosts on what you need to know about taxes for short-term rentals. ...Continued

The risk of short-term rental tax evasion

Because short-term rentals can be a complicated tax area with some gray zones, it can be easy to make mistakes. This can get you in tax trouble. Here are some tips on avoiding that....Continued

HomeAway steps up lodging tax collection efforts

Airbnb has pursued agreements with local governments to collect lodging taxes on bookings on behalf of hosts. HomeAway has lagged far behind in collecting taxes on its bookings — but that's changing....Continued

As the Airbnb battle heats up, lawsuits follow

Affordable housing becoming more scarce, neighborhood disruptions due to an influx of short-term renters, hotels and Airbnbs often operating under different standards and taxation: The debate rages on...Continued

Does Airbnb register and file for short-term rental hosts when it collects lodging tax?

It's important to be aware of what your platform is or is not taking care of for you in terms of tax compliance. ...Continued