NetSuite and Avalara: Sales Tax Compliance at the Speed of Business.

NetSuite, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software, helps companies manage core business functions with a single, fully integrated system. Even though NetSuite automates many elements of your business, managing varying sales tax rates, boundaries, and rules can hinder growth and monopolize internal resources. Within NetSuite, users are required to define each and every tax jurisdiction in which they need to collect tax.

Fortunately, NetSuite has partnered with Avalara to provide a sales tax solution that is integrated within the NetSuite management console. In order to automate sales tax, all a NetSuite user has to do is go into the NetSuite management console and select Avalara AvaTax as your tax item within the customer record. With Avalara AvaTax, the power of NetSuite ERP is extended to include address validation functionality, rate, rules and boundaries calculations, with the SaaS capabilities NetSuite users are accustomed to.

AvaTax seamlessly integrates with NetSuite to eliminate the tedious work and complexity associated with calculating, collecting, reporting and remitting sales taxes in multiple jurisdictions.


Avalara AvaTax for NetSuite pricing is based on an initial activation fee and the annual volume of transactions. Volume-based transaction plans work like cell phone minutes. Higher volumes cost less per transaction. Plans are available to suit businesses of all sizes.

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NetSuite integration developed by: Avalara

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“Avalara AvaTax connects easily with NetSuite to deliver a robust sales tax automation tool.”
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“We knew we couldn’t be tax experts in every state. We needed a company to provide that expertise.”
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