Is Indian GST a success after 3 years?

Join Richard Asquith in conversation with Radha Arun

"The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you are no longer willing to stay where you are”, said our Late Prime Minister Shri Vajpayee, while introducing the idea of “One Nation One Tax” with GST back in 2000. We didn't realise back then that it would take more than a decade to enact the legislation in 2016 and finally implemented in 2017. After three years, here we are with our own landscape of GST, which has evolved through the most diverse and complex economy of India. GST is not yet a flawless and stable indirect tax system, but for the first time since independence, we have come together as a nation to work for simplifying the indirect taxes in India. Indian GST is here to stay, but let's discuss its success so far, its nuances, its benefits and shortfalls with Radha Arun and Richard Asquith today.

Watch our 40-minute webinar session with our guest speaker, Radha Arun, to learn:

  • Key changes brought about with the introduction of GST
  • GST on imports of goods and services into India
  • Supply of electronically mediated services to India
  • Operating in India under GST: branch office, subsidiary, one-off transactions
  • Agents in India
  • E-commerce
  • Recent procedural reforms like e-invoicing

On-demand webinar details

Duration: 40 minutes

Cost: Absolutely free 

About the speakers: 

Radha Arun

Radha Arun
Former IRS officer and Independent Indirect Tax Consultant

Radha is a former IRS officer, and currently an independent consultant in GST, service tax, customs and excise, based in Hyderabad. Radha is a significant contributor to ICAI study material on GST and authored Halsbury's Laws of India, vol 36 (C. Excise). Her work included extensive fieldwork engaging with anti-smuggling and anti-tax evasion areas of expertise.

Richard Asquith

Richard Asquith
VP - Global Indirect Tax, Avalara

Richard is responsible for helping businesses understand and manage their tax compliance obligations as they enter or expand into new markets. His breadth of global VAT and other transactional tax experience is a powerful resource and plays an important role in Avalara's international services to its global client base.