Nexus: what it is and why you need to know about it

Learn about your U.S. sales tax obligations

Discover everything you need to know about U.S. sales tax obligations

Nexus refers to U.S. sales tax obligations triggered when selling into the U.S. If your business sells into the U.S., or you plan to, it’s essential to understand nexus and how to register for, collect, and remit U.S. sales tax.

Let Avalara experts remove the guesswork

This webinar can help you learn:

  • What nexus is and how to determine when and where you have U.S. sales tax obligations
  • How to more accurately calculate U.S. sales tax rates
  • When you need to manage exemption certificates

With so many rates and rules, staying on top of your U.S. sales tax obligations can be a huge challenge. Our experts offer essential insight into how it’s done.

About the speakers

Phani Krishna

Director, Avalara India

Krishna leads the sales effort at Avalara India, and has more than 14 years of experience in enterprise sales, business development, and steering product marketing efforts. Previously, he co-founded an organisation specialising in go-to-market strategy, digital strategy, and mentorship.

Sacha Wilson

Senior Director, Avalara Europe

Sacha helped to establish Avalara’s EMEA business, and helps companies automate their cross-border tax compliance. Prior to joining Avalara in 2014, Sacha spent more than 20 years in ecommerce sales and management at blue chips such as ArcelorMittal, British Aerospace, and Amazon, where he led teams involved in growing Amazon’s EU Marketplace and launching Fulfillment by Amazon.

Learn about your U.S. sales tax obligations

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