NASSCOM CFO Forum Webinar: Digitized Tax Function

Digital evolution of the tax function is catching up. Authorities in India are now investing heavily in technology, ramping up their ability to access more business information in real-time with e-Invoicing.

Avalara, in collaboration with NASSCOM CFO Forum, has conducted this webinar covering the complexities of indirect tax landscape worldwide, how businesses can leverage technology to deal with the challenges and how tax automation comes as a refreshing opportunity for technology products enabled by digital transformation.

On this webinar, Tripti Mishra, Product Manager at Avalara, along with Chandrashekhar Ramaswamy, Director - Product Management at Avalara, takes us through the agenda below:

  • Understanding the complexities involved in tax compliance worldwide
  • Why digitized in tax function is important to your business?
  • Factors which will drive digitization of tax function
  • Digitization of tax function demands a new approach when building products and solutions
  • Impact of COVID-19 on tax technology

Watch this on-demand webinar today to learn more.

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