MyLodgeTax customer testimonials

"Have we told you lately that we love you? It is so nice to know that you are taking care of not only paying the tax, but filing the paperwork properly and in a timely manner?
Seriously. Love. You."

Monica - Hayesville, NC

"I told (and continue to tell friends) that you save me lots of time, and possibly more importantly, you make sure that I do not miss a deadline and then incur fines. Keep up the good work!"

Andy - Stonington, ME

"I really do appreciate the time you take explaining things to me. This ‘tax business’ stuff is way out there in my mind… when you explain it to me it does help."

Jill - Florida Gulf Coast

For just $20 / month, never worry about filing lodging tax returns again

"When I found Avalara, my whole life changed. They do the taxes for me, they remind me. All I have to do is tell them how much rental income I had for the previous month. It's so simple. It's absolutely the best $20 I've ever spent and I highly recommend this company. Their customer service is wonderful and I'm very, very pleased with this service.”

Katherine - St Thomas, Virgin Islands

"I just wanted to tell you that I truly appreciate what a great business you have created…an invaluable tool to help me manage my own property in an affordable manner…I look forward to a long and continuing relationship with MyLodgeTax, and never hesitate to refer to friends. Well done!"

Kay - Hilton Head, SC

"You have all been so helpful. My accountant was perplexed by the complexities of all this so thank goodness for you all!”

Louise - Bonita Springs, FL

"What I love about Avalara is I don't have to think about paying my taxes. They make it so easy...I would definitely recommend Avalara to take the headache out of monthly tax paying."

Melinda - Pigeon Forge, TN

"I love how they make everything so easy!"

Shannon - Wichita Falls, TX

"After leaving our management company, we needed a tax solution for our lodging tax in Florida. Not only did we get guided through the process of setting up our tax accounts, but filing our taxes every month has been easy. Thank you, Avalara! We really appreciate the help."

Mark - Indian Shores, Fl

"I've been a condo rental owner for 14 years now. I used to do the taxes myself for a very long time but I found it to be a very painful ordeal to go through. So, I got on board with Avalara and the whole world changed. It was a very, very seamless process and I've enjoyed it tremendously. Its made my life a great deal easier."

Bob - Myrtle Beach, SC

"I am really pleased with the services that I have received from MyLodgeTax and feel quite lucky to have you guys backing me up.”

Charles - Panama City Beach, FL

"As usual your company demonstrates outstanding service levels. As a vacation rental homeowner I remain one of your biggest fans!"

Frank - Elljay, GA

“One of the things I love most about Avalara is their customer service.
And, they actually HAVE customer service! A person you can call if you have issues.”

Sheryl - Angle Fire, NM

"The experts in the market, from my perspective, are Avalara and I've had them for 9 years."

Rick - Treasure Island, FL

"We partnered with Avalara about four years ago and it’s been an amazing experience.  It reduces the workload for our vacation rentals astronomically monthly for us."

Bree - Nashville, TN

"Thanks for such a great job all of you are doing. I am so very pleased and frankly relieved that this service is available. Rock on!"

Jeannie - Indian Shores, FL

"Thank you for the advance notice on the increase in taxes. Thanks for a great service that I have used for 4 1/2 years."

Mike - Panama City Beach, FL

"MyLodgeTax made managing the sales tax obligations of renting out a condo…very easy.
Most of all, it gives me peace of mind."

Sally - Breckenridge, CO

"I use (Avalara) because it is super easy. It takes me about five minutes every month just to enter in the information and then they pay the taxes for me."

Laura - Portland, OR

"I take care of my lodging taxes with a couple of clicks each month and it's done. I highly recommend them!"

Rickey - Crane Hill, AL

"The piece of mind I get is worth every penny that we pay to Avalara. It's a very simple process that takes me about ten minutes each month."

Mark - Tampa, FL

"They handle all of my taxes - city, county, and state and took all that stress off of me and keep me moving on with enjoyment of retirement!"

Frank - Morganton, GA

"I think Avalara is great. They charge a really fair fee and give premium service so that's always nice. I've called three or four times and they've always answered the phone and have been able to answer my questions."

Vickee - Austin, TX

"I have used MyLodgeTax for my Maui vacation rental tax filings since 2003, they take care of everything so I don’t have to worry about it."

Dave Clouse - Founder of

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