Purchase process

Tax challenges start long before an invoice is received. Here's how Avalara can help your business through different phases of the purchasing process.

Vendor registration


Tax calculation errors, delivery of invalid obligation data, increased risk of fraud resulting from issuing invoices to non-existent or non-compliant companies.


Before calculating taxes, it’s important to make sure the supplier’s data is correct — doing that manually can take hours. Avalara automatically validates information that may be used to determine taxes and obligations at the federal, state, and municipal level, including Simples Nacional, CEPOM, and CND Federal, and maintains proof of the consultation.

Products/services registration


Tax calculation errors, payment and/or returns errors, changes in legislation, delivery of incorrect data to the government.


Avalara classifies products and monitors updates based on NCM/EAN/CEST. For services, classification is based on LC116 and municipal codes.

Purchase orders


Tax calculation errors, cost of returned goods, delay of internal processes, misidentified tax requirements.


Avalara can validate tax calculation on purchases and any exceptions based on NCM, EAN, CEST, NBS, Simples Nacional, CEPOM, status, and fiscal address of the parties.

Receipt of tax documents


Tax calculation errors, delivery of invalid data on obligations, increased risk of tax fraud due to receipt of invoices from non-existent or non-compliant purchases, cost of returned goods, wrong tax payments, misappropriation of tax credits.


Avalara can identify, validate, display, and store invoices, which can automate the receipt of goods and services and and can give you better control of the XML received.

Tax bookkeeping


Bookkeeping errors, compliance risk, invalid bookkeeping or altered tax documents.


To avoid these problems, Avalara can help automate many of the tasks related to tax bookkeeping and can authenticate tax documents.



Lack of awareness of withholdings.


Avalara’s solution can allow you to automate the calculation of federal and municipal withholdings, when necessary, and to customize as needed. 


Learn about our compliance portfolio by viewing the scenarios below. Each represents the same solution, but from a different perspective.


Learn about how we file ancillary obligations to the government.


Our powerful calculation engine can be integrated with your ERP to issue invoices or manage incoming invoices.


Issue tax documents (such as NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e, NFC-e) on demand. You decide, based on your requirements, whether to integrate our solution into your systems.

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