Tax obligations

Understand how we help manage your ancillary obligations that need to be sent to the government and help keep your company up to date.

Keeping up with ancillary obligations has never been so easy.

Tax obligations
We generate your federal, state, and municipal obligations. Everything is in the cloud and integrated with the ERP you already use. We capture the information in your database, upload it to our tool, and generate the digital files to send to Fisco.
SPED project
We generate most of the digital files that are part of the SPED project, including EFD, ECD, EFD-Contribuições, ECF, EFD-Reinf, and others.
Intelligent data entry
Allows you to load additional information into the solution from any file type or format.
Management reports
Multiple reports contain the fiscal information for your tax assessments and obligations, providing a more accurate means of analysis and facilitating informed decision-making and better management for your company.

Business process

Avalara has a tool to help solve each of the challenges faced by companies. Read more about how our fiscal approach aligns with your business.

Sales process

Here's how Avalara can help your business throughout the sales process.

Purchase process

Tax challenges start long before an invoice is received. Here's how Avalara can help your business throughout the purchasing process.

Compliance process

Correcting data is just the first step. Avalara has the most complete solution to automate keeping data updated, and all this can still be integrated with your current systems.

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