Sales process

Tax challenges start long before an invoice is issued. Here's how Avalara can help your business at different stages of the sales process.

Customer registration


Tax calculation errors, delivery of invalid obligation data, increased risk of fraud resulting from issuing invoices for non-existent or non-compliant companies.


To avoid these problems, Avalara can validate the data used to determine how taxes and obligations are calculated at the federal, state, and municipal levels, including Simples Nacional and CND Federal.

Products/services registration


Tax calculation errors, payment errors, returns errors, ongoing legal changes.


Avalara’s online solution can certify product codes (such as NCM/EAN/CEST/NBS), incident taxes, and the appropriate exceptions. Our tax content is regularly updated in the cloud, so information reflects legislative changes.

Sales orders


Incorrect prices, tax calculation errors, cost of returned goods, customer dissatisfaction.


Avalara allows you to calculate sales prices based on margin and taxes. You can also calculate sales tax and any exceptions based on NCM, EAN, CEST, NBS, status, and fiscal address.

NFe Issuer


No billing, resulting in unnecessary costs, lack of coverage in 27 states and 5,500 municipalities.


Avalara can integrate with your ERP and can provide an automated, reliable system for issuing invoices and submitting them to the government. 

Tax bookkeeping


Tax calculation errors, reporting invalid data, increased risk of fraud resulting from issuing invoices to non-existent or non-compliant companies, cost of returned goods, customer dissatisfaction, mistakes on tax payments, bookkeeping errors, compliance risk, invalid/refused documents.


After issuing an invoice, Avalara can validate that the data contained in the XML is in compliance with current legislation, and helps with the consistency of the data reported to the tax authorities. Once validation is complete, we handle bookkeeping of the financial documents, monitor the tax documents, and provide a full history of the manifest (XML managed, recovered, and maintained).



Identifying withholding requirements on transactions.


Avalara can calculate federal and municipal withholdings, with the ability to customize.


Learn about our compliance portfolio by viewing the scenarios below. Each represents the same solution, but from a different perspective.


Learn how we file ancillary obligations to the government.


Our powerful calculation engine can be integrated with your ERP to issue invoices or manage incoming invoices.


Even more important than correcting incorrect information is keeping things up to date with changes, whether it pertains to the tax situation of the customer or the supplier, or in the taxation of products and services.


Issue tax documents (such as NF-e, NFS-e, CT-e, and NFC-e) on demand. You decide, based on your requirements, whether to integrate our solution into your systems.

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