Tax compliance

More important than fixing something wrong is having the opportunity to keep your entire database up-to-date with every change, whether in the tax situation of the customer or supplier or in the taxation of products and services.

It is not enough to deliver information, it needs to be consistent. Solutions to keep your company in compliance with Brazilian tax legislation.

Validation of registration
It all begins at the register. Whether the information pertains to customers, suppliers, products, or services, Avalara keeps its cloud-based database updated according to federal, state, and municipal government rules. To do this, we verify that the ...Continue
Tax calculation engine
A powerful calculation engine that can be integrated with your ERP for issuing invoices or incoming invoices. Based on a survey of your company's transaction scenarios, our solution returns all taxes, including allocations, and their respective calcu ...Continue
Tax documents management
Have total control of your XML. Manage all tax documents (XML), both inbound and outbound, and avoid omitting valid documents or including invalid documents in bookkeeping. With Avalara, you can automatically search, retrieve, store, and validate inf ...Continue
Delivery control
To keep you from getting lost amid so many government requirements, Avalara offers a solution that allows you to view all the obligations your company needs to deliver by CNPJ (main and branches) in accordance with federal, state, and municipal laws. ...Continue
Update product base
Get all the legislative updates that impact your business automatically. With this solution, the NCM / EAN / CEST / NBS base is maintained with the correct tax framework automatically, so it is always up to date.
Generation of obligations
Generate federal, state, and municipal obligations. Everything is in the cloud and integrated with the ERP system you already use. Attend to all SPED projects through the generation of EFD, ECD, EFD-Contributions, ECF, EFD-Reinf, and other files.
Validate data contained in the ancillary obligations and bookkeeping of all received NF-e with generated SPED Fiscal-EFD files. Cross-referencing obligations also ensures no divergent information is delivered to the government, and thereby avoids fin ...Continue
Checking receipts
All files of obligations, delivery vouchers, and other documents are stored in our system for you to access when and where you want.

Business Process

Avalara has a tool to solve each of the challenges faced by companies. Read more about our fiscal approach aligned with your business.

Sales Process

Here's how Avalara can help your business at every stage of the sales process.

Purchase Process

Tax challenges start long before an invoice is received. Here's how Avalara can help your business through every phase of the purchasing process.

Compliance Process

Correcting data is just the first step. Avalara has the most complete solution to automate keeping data updated, and all this can still be integrated with your current systems.

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