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HomeAway starts collecting lodging taxes for hosts in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the few states where HomeAway collects more types of short-term rental taxes for its hosts than short-term rental giant Airbnb....Continued

New Jersey short-term rental tax goes into effect despite confusion

As of October 1, a new lodging tax is in effect for all New Jersey short-term rentals that are either privately listed or arranged through online rental platforms....Continued

The 6 most common lodging tax mistakes Airbnb hosts make

Here are six common mistakes short-term rental hosts make as they navigate the ins and out of lodging taxes....Continued

Software help for managing your Airbnb

Busy hosts can get technological help with many of the tasks associated with running a short-term rental. ...Continued

A guide to Airbnb tax forms

When you’re operating a short-term rental, tax obligations come with the territory. And with tax obligations come tax forms....Continued

Selling a vacation rental: your keys to success

Laying the groundwork for a successful sale should come well in advance of deciding to sell your vacation rental property....Continued

How to respond to negative Airbnb reviews

A negative review can actually offer an opportunity for you to demonstrate how great a host you really are — if you respond in the right way. ...Continued

“Stay Here” doesn’t tell the whole story of running a successful Airbnb

The new Netflix show understandably focuses on the more glamorous side of short-term rentals while glossing over the not-so-glamorous tasks of successfully running a short-term rental....Continued

Airbnb starts collecting short-term rental lodging tax for hosts in several California cities, counties

While Airbnb may collect taxes for you in your area, you need to be aware that Airbnb may not be taking care of all your lodging tax compliance requirements. ...Continued

Breckenridge, Colorado, adds new Airbnb regulations

The new regulations include setting up a 24-hour hotline for residents to call with complaints about short-term rentals....Continued