abas ERP partners with Avalara for seamless GST compliance in India

abas ERP partners with Avalara for seamless GST compliance in India

As Goods and Services Tax (GST) became a reality, abas ERP, a global ERP solution provider, after a long search has finally chosen Avalara as its application service provider (ASP) partner for  India operations. Many of its clients in India are manufacturing companies — automotive ancillaries, electronics, machinery, biomedical, forging, and other products and industries who have huge and complex GST compliance needs. Hence, finding an ASP that met all of its needs was no easy task. Read on to hear why the company chose Avalara India GST as its preferred ASP solution, as told by Tushar Kadam, Sales Director at abas Force (India) Pvt. Ltd.
The market was cluttered with several homegrown GST applications, as well as pricey branded propositions. Amidst all of this, the big question was: Who is the most suitable ASP for seamless GST return (GSTR) filing with the GST Network (GSTN) for our clients, both current and prospective?

To help us answer that question and choose an ASP, we examined our needs and determined our criteria to be:

  1. Experience with international GST implementation
    Such experience makes an ASP less vulnerable to problems that might arise in the future, such as those related to scalability, security, and software quality. This also means they have solved these sorts of problems before, and have delivered and maintained software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.
  • Association with at least three GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs)
    If one GSP fails then other GSPs are available to provide API access and fulfill customer return filing needs.
  • Flexible offering without hidden costs
    A cost-effective and simple pricing solution, without any hidden costs, was needed. Several ASPs were too expensive for small and mid-size clients, which is the target market for abas ERP. Others offer impossibly cheap or free solutions that either cannot hold or are expected to increase to some unknown cost in the future.
  • Seamless integration
    We were in search of an ASP that would not require cumbersome integration efforts on our part, as an easy integration would result in cost savings that we could easily pass on to future and current abas customers in India. We also needed a system that allowed for easy modifications so that updates could be available to our clients the next working day.
  • Easy to use
    Given that the ASP concept was new, we were looking for a solution that provided a simple yet effective utility with an interactive dashboard and a highly advanced user interface that could handle multiple user roles.
  • Reliable support
    Round-the-clock support to ERP partners and their customers was vital to guarantee a successful project.

Avalara’s ASP delivered on all six parameters identified in our evaluation process. Avalara India GST is a secure cloud-based software, which provides real-time tax reporting and end-to-end reconciliation. Avalara India GST enables businesses and consultants to prepare and file timely pan-India GST returns, accurately and in a streamlined way.

From day one, we have been given round-the-clock support by Avalara India representatives in Pune to help us understand the product, take integration further, and communicate with our customers.

We are delighted with these features of Avalara India GST which were critical for abas:

  • Easily retrieves data from our client’s abas ERP system
  • Automates returns preparation and filing of GSTR-1 to GSTR-11
  • Validates incoming data and flags corrections
  • Classifies and allocates input tax credits
  • Supports multiple GST identification numbers (GSTINs) to handle multistate filing or multiple business units
  • Configurable auto-reconciliation with built-in intelligence

“Avalara is an established expert in GST in Brazil and Canada, where it currently supports hundreds of businesses with GST requirements,” said Tushar Kadam “Therefore, in our nation’s transition to a new digital compliance system, we trust in its expertise and accuracy for our businesses. Avalara and abas will help businesses comply with GST with the right invoicing and timely returns preparation and filing.”

If you are a manufacturing company looking for both an ERP and ASP solution, look to abas and Avalara. To know more about Avalara India GST and get a free demo, click here

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To get a demo of abas GST solution, click here or send an email to india-west@abas-software.com

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