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Tax automation for business.

About Avalara

Avalara has increased its Brazilian leadership team and customer base, and extended its product offering to become the first full-service, end-to-end SaaS provider of transactional tax automation for companies doing business in Brazil. Using Avalara, companies can enhance governance, minimize tax risk, automate fiscal operations and ensure correct tax compliance in Brazil. Using Avalara, companies can enhance governance, minimize tax risk, automate fiscal operations and ensure correct tax compliance in Brazil. A global company, Avalara, has offices all over the US, Europe, Brazil and India.

Brazil Beat

Want to Do Business in Brazil?

It’s an enormous economy, but tax compliance is more time-consuming than just about anywhere. We cover key obstacles and workarounds.

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Digital Auditor >

Digital Auditor

Validate, cross-check, and audit your SPED, compliance reports, and NFes to file accurate, consistent, and error-free reports.

AvaTax BR >

AvaTax BR

A tax calculation engine for all services tax scenarios, including sales, purchases and payments to vendors and from customers.

Compliance and Document control >

Compliance and Document control

Organize and monitor your tax filing and compliance. Integrate your tax documents with tax authority systems such as e-CAC, RFB and Sintegra.

TaxDoc Monitor >

TaxDoc Monitor

Automate the search, retrieval, recovery, validation and storage of electronic tax documents.

NetSuite Avatax BR Connector >

NetSuite Avatax BR Connector

NetSuite connects to the Avatax BR engine to support tax determination and handling of electronic invoices.

Electronic Invoice Engine >

Electronic Invoice Engine

Authenticates and issues electronic invoice documents for both goods and services, in accordance with current state and municipal tax legislation.

Tax Process Management – TaxIBPM >

TaxBPM – Process Management

Manage essential tax processes and workflows, reduce risk, and gain greater control and understanding of your team’s tax activities.

Tax Compliance >

Tax Compliance

Complete and intelligent management of tax compliance and period-end processing for SPED’s and all tax levels: federal, state and municipal.

TaxAdviser SAP Connector >

TaxAdviser SAP Connector

TaxAdviser SAP Connector allows companies to save time and money by automatically updating tax content for direct and indirect taxes.

Validate >


Reduce non-compliance and financial risk by automatically updating tax data and validating ID registrations with tax authorities.

TaxDocs SAP Connector

TaxDocs SAP Connector

TaxDocs SAP Connector automates the creation of MIRO (invoice posting) and MIGO (stock posting) from NFe and CTe XML documents.

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Daily updates for ERPs and subscribers center on legislation and rule changes affecting taxes and operations in the 27 Brazilian states.

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BPO Services >

BPO Services

BPO service customized to your business need. Improved time and results through the use of our solutions, consulting services and process analysis.

Consulting Services >

Consulting Services

Professional consulting services specialized in accounting, compliance, tax and IT focusing on process analysis to reduce tax related risks.

Tax Classification >

Tax Classification

Specialized service for tax classification for items and NCM (Brazilian harmonized system code)

Tax Monitoring >

Tax Monitoring

Daily monitoring of tax legislation for direct and indirect taxes as well as for tax withholding rules.