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California Coastal Commission approves Laguna Beach vacation rental rules

The ordinance bans new short-term rental units in residential neighborhoods, but allows residential properties in commercial areas to operate as vacation rentals....Continued

Aspen short-term rental hosts must get business license, vacation rental permit under new law

New requirements will make it easier for the city to track vacation rentals and more effectively collect lodging taxes from them....Continued

Part of Miami Beach short-term rental law still valid, court rules in reversal

The Third District Court of Appeals ruled that while the high fines in Miami Beach are illegal, that doesn’t invalidate the rest of the ordinance....Continued

What is ‘The Masters Rule’ and what does it mean for short-term rental taxes?

Vacation rental hosts may erroneously think The Masters Rule relates to local lodging taxes, but this is incorrect. The rule only applies to rental income you report on your federal income tax return....Continued

Chandler, Arizona, creates new rules for short-term rentals, including taxation

Chandler's city code has been changed to allow for more oversight of short-term rentals and subject them to city taxes....Continued

Ann Arbor cracks down on short-term rentals

Ann Arbor, Michigan, has passed a law placing new restrictions on short-term rentals amid concerns that vacation rentals are diminishing the available housing stock for permanent residents....Continued

Cathedral City to phase out vacation rentals

Cathedral City, California, also passed new resolutions on enforcement, fees, and penalties. The new measures go into effect October 9....Continued

States restrict short-term rentals in response to pandemic

State-level restrictions include exemptions, such as providing accommodations to health care workers, first responders, and law enforcement....Continued

Menlo Park, California, to enforce short-term rental tax law

The city of Menlo Park will start enforcing an ordinance requiring short-term rental hosts to collect occupancy tax from their guests....Continued

Short-term rentals legalized in Arvada, Colorado

Arvada, Colorado, has legalized short-term rentals and created rules for their operation that will go into effect at the end of October....Continued