3 career fairs in India that are not your typical career fair

3 career fairs in India that are not your typical career fair

Job hunting has practically transitioned to virtual portals, but career fairs still attract footfalls and hopeful candidates from all over the country looking to land their dream job. Students, freshers and experienced professionals on the hunt for a job need to watch out for job fairs that can offer opportunities in their field of interest, opportunities by organisations of interest and most importantly opportunities where diversity and inclusion takes center stage. 

More recently, career fairs are actively transforming into equal opportunity events inviting people from all walks of life irrespective of gender, community or orientation. Some career fairs are also opening up avenues in fields like artificial intelligence, automated systems, data mining, augmented reality and more.

Here are three significant career fairs in India that are promoting inclusive diversity:

LGBTI Job Fair
A first of its kind for India, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Intersex Job Fair was held in July 2019 in Bangalore and was a huge success. After the ban on homosexuality was overruled in 2018, this fair is a big step towards creating an environment that works for everyone and where people of every background can thrive. MNCs including Goldman Sachs, PayPal, Uber, Lowe's, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Accenture and American Express participated in this event, with more than 250 jobs on offer. This fair laid the foundation stone to actively demonstrate how to lean into this talent pool and making a positive effort towards inclusion.

Women Changemakers
‘Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.’
That is exactly what the message that the Women Changemakers Career Fair has been sending over the last few years. With a strong talent pool of over 60,000 female candidates, this women only career fair and confluence is dedicated to finding excellent corporate positions for their patrons. Backed by top MNCs like Citi, Infosys, Microsoft etc, Women Changemakers have hosted 10 career fairs across 5 major Indian cities. Organizations are eager to participate in this career fair to showcase their diversity hiring practices and every fair has a distinguished collection of successful female keynote speakers and panelists. 

Grace Hopper Celebrations India Career Fair
For careers dedicated to technology, the Grace Hopper Celebration India Career Fair is one that you must not miss. The GHCI Career Fair is Asia’s largest gathering of women technologists. Along with career opportunities in technology, the GHCI Career Fair lines up a plethora of panel discussions and keynote speeches on Artificial Intelligence, Automated Systems, Cloud Computing etc. This year, the 10th GHCI Career Fair saw keynote speakers and panel discussions by significant women at Microsoft India, Digital Guardian, NASSCOM, etc.  Avalara was a proud Silver sponsor for the 10th Grace Hopper Celebration India, which took place on November 6-8 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre and attendees got an opportunity to interact with the Avalara Team at the Career Fair Booth S10 & Tech Expo Booth 3. 
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