Insurance - Research Analyst (European Language)

Tax | London, England, United Kingdom,Brighton, United Kingdom

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We are looking for an Insurance - Research Analyst. The ideal candidate will be an experienced business professional with strong academic/analytical credentials. The individual will be dynamic, energetic, team-oriented and have demonstrated adaptability to change through periods of rapid growth.

In this role, the candidate should be able to analyze and interpret tax laws, regulatory content, understand the changes and be able to summarize and/or expand the information reported upon. 

The candidate will work closely with other members of the research team, as well as with other U.S. & U.K team members. Although not required daily, the candidate must be flexible to overlap work timings with US/UK time zones.

Job Duties:

  • Research, monitor, translate & interpret the tax and insurance laws and guidelines, evaluate content accuracy, summarize and conclude on content tax decisions and actions.
  • Analyze and understand data, schemas and other technical information for the creation of useable data for our software solutions.
  • Understand how to connect with the Tax Authority's & Regulator portals.
  • Suggest and be instrumental in making improvements in our software solutions.
  • Collaborate with content research, product management and engineering to implement our solutions.
  • Document research findings in a given format providing a clear summary of the changes and being able to expand upon request. Attention to detail is a key element of this role.
  • Effectively work and communicate with team members to accomplish specific tasks in a timely, efficient and productive manner.
  • Participate in committee activities and provide input where applicable.
  • Open to accept additional responsibilities assigned to meet deadlines.
  • Maintain compliance with all company policies and procedures.
  • Must be flexible to overlap work schedule with US/UK timing, as needed for collaborative meetings or training.

Required Qualifications:

  • Degree or equivalent strongly recommended.
  • Understanding and knowledge on technology systems and their database structures.
  • Strong affinity with technology and the ability to pick up new technology quickly.
  • Written and spoken fluency in English.
  • Familiarity with tax compliance and/or government compliance.
  • Fluency in languages other than English are a plus.

Preferred Qualifications

  • 2+ years' experience in Indirect taxes and or Insurance content.
  • Previous software experience a plus.
  • Demonstrable experience or qualifications in managing process optimization (e.g. Agile process) is a plus.
  • A high comfort level with technical tools.

About Avalara:

We're building cloud-based tax compliance solutions to handle every transaction in the world. Imagine every transaction you make — every tank of gas, cup of coffee, or pair of sneakers, every movie ticket, meal kit, or streamed song, every sensor-to-sensor ping. Nearly every time you make a purchase, physical or digital, there's an accompanying unique and nuanced tax compliance calculation.

The logic behind calculating taxes — the rules, rates, and boundaries — is a global, layered, three-dimensional mess of complexity, with compliance dictated by governments and applied by every business, every day.

Avalara works with businesses of all sizes, all over the world — from corner stores to gigantic global retailers — to calculate tax accurately and automatically, at speeds measured in milliseconds. That's a massive technical challenge, in terms of scale, reliability, and complexity, and we do it better than anyone.

That's why we're growing fast. Headquartered in Seattle, Avalara has offices across the U.S. and around the world, in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, and the U.K.

Equal Opportunities:

Avalara is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified candidates will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, national orientation, disability, sexual orientation, US Veteran status, or any other factor protected by law.

Reasonable Accommodation:

Avalara is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to job applicants with physical or mental disabilities. Applicants with a disability who require a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or hiring process can follow this process outlined when applying for a position: Please provide your name and contact information to our recruitment team at

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