Avalara VAT Reporting

VAT Reporting is a reporting and filing solution that integrates with ERP, Accounting or MIS systems to produce compliant VAT returns and file them at the right time where required.
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Avalara VAT Reporting simplifies the process of filing indirect tax returns in multiple countries, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of non-compliance. Our VAT reporting solution uses data from your ERP or accounting system to automatically produce indirect tax returns that comply with local filing requirements. Minimise the time it takes to create and submit returns and automate compliance checking with Avalara VAT Reporting.

Comprehensive filing
Avalara VAT Reporting provides automated statutory filings in over 40 countries, for the 28 EU member states and beyond, including VAT returns, Intrastat, ESL, VAT books, VAT SAF-T and numerous local listings.
Data checking
Avalara VAT Reporting validates and enriches your data from external sources such as VIES and the ECB, whilst performing over 150 checks for indirect tax errors, to help you stay compliant.
Powerful VAT reconciliation
Avalara VAT Reporting reconciles your data automatically against other sources such as GL and Intrastat data and perform inter-company reconciliations to help ensure correctness.
Centralised VAT management
Avalara VAT Reporting provides powerful multi-language capabilities and detailed country-specific content, so you can standardise, document and centralise your process regardless of where your personnel are located. This is ideal for shared service c ...Continue