Are you registered in every U.S. state you need to be? Take our assessment to find out.

Almost every U.S. state requires businesses to register to collect and file sales tax if their sales volume is high enough. This free assessment can help you work out where you could have U.S. sales tax obligations.

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A free estimate of your U.S. sales tax obligations by location:

A breakdown of state-specific economic nexus rules

Data on how each state determines tax liabilities

Recommended next steps to get compliant

Frequently asked questions

No, your privacy is important to us. You aren’t required to submit personal information or identify your business to complete the assessment. We’ll only contact you if you make a request upon completion.

No, your results won’t be shared or stored by Avalara.

Economic nexus is a connection between a business and a U.S. state that’s established when annual sales and/or transaction volume in a state, including sales to customers via a marketplace, obligate a business to register to collect and file U.S. sales tax.


No, economic nexus is just one of several ways to establish a U.S. sales tax obligation in a state. Other possible ways include having employees or inventory in the state, selling at a trade show or festival, and more.

We recommend researching the nexus triggers for each state in which you do business or have employees, contractors, vendors, or goods.


This assessment isn’t recommended for Avalara AvaTax users. Because our solution manages all your transactions within our software, it provides a more accurate assessment of your tax liabilities. AvaTax accounts for a host of other factors that impact your tax liabilities, such as exempt sales, excluded transaction types, and effective dates.

Connect with Avalara

Ask about your U.S. sales tax risk assessment and how it could help your business.

Connect with Avalara

Ask about your U.S. sales tax risk assessment and how it could help your business.