Do you need a VAT Expert?

For businesses selling across international borders, understanding the complex and irregular rules on VAT or GST calculations and obligations can be a huge barrier to trade.  This means either expensive advice or taking a risk on tax fines.

Avalara VAT Expert is used by over 400 companies across Europe and beyond, whether you are a multinational with complex supply chains or a small entrepreneur venturing out into foreign countries, VAT Expert will give you the VAT guidance you need at a low cost.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why VAT is so complex?
  • How you can solve VAT issues with VAT Expert
  • How VAT Expert works
  • How to use VAT Expert as a learning tool


Christophe De Jaeger

Avalara Sales Manager for the Benelux | Avalara Europe Ltd

Christophe is the Avalara Sales Manager for the Benelux and has more than 15 years of experience in VAT software. He began his professional career in an advisory position at PWC and then consciously chose to develop into a more commercial role. Before Avalara, he also worked for Wolters Kluwer and VAT Applications.

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