Guide to building a business case for indirect tax automation

Software procurement guidelines for indirect tax managers

As a tax manager, you have a vital part to play in building a business case for change in your organisation. Part of that change is providing leadership to all functions across your business in finding the right software partner for indirect tax determination and compliance.

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To aid you with business transformation, Avalara’s tax automation experts have created a checklist for your RFP which will help you judge software and cloud applications. Whether your business has a procurement department and you need to brief them on your requirements, or you’re managing the RFP process yourself, this guide can help you improve your process.

What's inside?

  • Driving factors behind the need for indirect tax automation
  • Tips for analysing compliance gaps in your ERP or ecommerce platforms
  • Upcoming tax legislation that may affect your business
  • Important sections that you should include in your RFP
  • Technology features checklist to help you build your wish list
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