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Get your HS codes right and keep your cross-border sales switched on

Save time, reduce customs delays, and stay compliant with automated item classification.


Get your HS codes right and keep your cross-border sales switched on

Save time, reduce customs delays, and stay compliant with automated Item Classification.

It's essential to assign the right HS codes, known as 'commodity codes' in the UK, to any items you sell across borders, so customs authorities can apply the correct duties and taxes.
Even if you think you have this covered, code changes made by the World Customs Organisation (WCO) mean you’ll need to review and correct the codes you've assigned.

Using the wrong HS codes can damage your business

It could mean:

Bad reviews from disappointed customers

Your products are delayed going through customs, or even held indefinitely

Failing to keep up with competitors who offer a better customer experience

Paying too much in customs duties

Being subject to fines and penalties

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Download: Tariff Code Classification datasheet

How Avalara can help

Classify quickly with technology

Avalara AI-based classification engine can quickly categorise products in even the most complex industries, including retail and manufacturing.

Keep running smoothly

Avalara solutions can be easily integrated into the systems you likely already use, minimising disruption to your growth targets.

Simplify the process and save time

Bulk upload capabilities for product and service catalogues makes the process quicker, so you can spend more time on selling and growing.

Lower your carbon footprint

The right HS codes reduce unnecessary shipping and vehicle usage caused by returns. Sustainable materials are also flagged for lower tariffs, encouraging the use and sale of eco-friendly items.

Improve your customer experience

Let your customers know exactly what they need to pay at checkout, and deliver their items quicker by getting them through customs seamlessly.

An item classification solution for businesses of any size and industry

An item classification solution for businesses of any size and industry

Avalara Tariff Code Classification

Instantly assign Harmonized System (HS) codes with confidence

IDEAL FOR: Ecommerce sellers, marketplaces, third-party logistics providers, and companies doing business across borders

Avalara Self-Serve Tariff Code Classification is an intuitive AI-enabled tool that allows you to easily determine codes and requires no prior experience in HS classification.

Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification combines AI and human expertise to quickly assign consistent tariff codes for consumer products shipped to 180+ countries.

Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification Premium also uses AI and human expertise to determine codes while providing additional background and rationale to support customs audits.

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HS codes: Frequently asked questions

Harmonised Standard (HS) codes are used to identify and track every product that crosses an international border. Six digits is the global standard and the starting point for HS codes, but each country typically adds two to six digits to further define and distinguish products.

Customs authorities are now cracking down on retailers who are using partial HS codes. If your HS codes are less than eight digits, they’re not complete. Using a partial HS code will likely result in goods charged at the highest level of duty for the product type.

The World Customs Organisation updates HS codes every five years to account for new products. Businesses should review their customs classification policy and identify if any changes are needed for every new edition

HS codes are tied to import tariff (duty) rates. Products using the wrong or no HS codes may be assigned a rate of duty that’s too high leading to delays, fines, or other problems at the border. This can result in disgruntled customers, uncompetitive pricing, and fewer sales

HS codes determine whether a product is eligible for reduced tariffs or duty-free status under a FTA. FTAs rely on rules of origin (ROOs). These, in turn, rely on HS product classification numbers to identify the national source of components and final products.

Classifying your items with HS codes is highly complex and difficult to manage manually. The risks associated with misclassification are numerous. Automating item classification improves the speed, accuracy and affordability of the entire process.

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