Mandated B2B e-invoicing in Spain approved

Mandated B2B e-invoicing in Spain approved

The Boletín Oficial del Estado (the Spanish Gazette) has officially published the Law Crea y Crece that mandates companies and professionals in Spain to issue and receive e-invoices to and from other businesses (B2B) from 2024. We await the full technical requirements of the new e-invoicing regime as these are currently in draft subject to approval and change. 

The proposed requirements include:

  • Inclusion of an alphanumeric identification code

  • Inclusion of a QR code (meeting technical and functional specifications) 

  • Narrative "VERI*FACTU" (where the system sends all the invoicing records to the AEAT)

There will also be new certification requirements for invoicing systems and software, and a requirement to guarantee to maintain the integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability and inalterability of billing records. Currently Spanish businesses can adopt B2B e-invoicing today subject to approval from the customer, using the FACeB2B platform. 

Avalara has an e-invoicing solution that can help companies stay compliant in over 60 countries including the upcoming Spanish e-invoicing mandate starting in 2024 as well as issuing compliant e-invoices using the existing FACeB2B platform in Spain. 

Contact an expert at Avalara to discuss how we can assist with the upcoming e-invoicing mandate in France and watch our recent webinar on-demand.

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