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VAT Reporting update 17.11.1

  • Nov 29, 2017 | Jason Moore

VAT Reporting update 17.11.1


This release is a scheduled maintenance release of the VAT Reporting application for the month of November.

Main changes in Reports

  • All countries are On Hold for 2018.
  • Finland: ECL - Fixed Format File - Mandatory time-stamp has been added.
  • Switzerland: VAT Rates - We have updated the Standard (7.7%), Reduced (2.5%), and Special (3.7%) rates for Switzerland with effect from January 1st, 2018.
  • Poland: VAT Book - NRC transactions without VAT or Tax Number will now have the value 'brak' in the field NrDostawcy.
  • Australia: AU - VAT Return - PDF - You can now also use the AU VAT Return PDF for quarterly filing. We have also added the period you selected on the DRAFT of the return so that you can see what the period of the return is.
  • Hungary: We have changed the Hungarian view of the reverse charge listing. For newly added data the view will be correct and in line with what is to be reported on the actual form 1765A-07. For documents processed with older versions of VR, the view will not match with the PDF.
  • Croatia: We have now added the combinations for Croatia for transfer of goods.
  • France: It is now possible to create a simplified intrastat report in FR. This is only applicable for sales as this does not exist for purchases.

Main changes in Software

  • New Check: We now have a new check on the setup of the VAT codes (check number 6) whereby we check whether the used combination ID and combination ID credit in the VAT code setup equals the one we have in our list. We have added this to make user changes more visible.

If it differs, you will get this error message. We advise to check it in detail as we do not support if the setup does not match with our data and source information.

Avalara Author
Jason Moore
Avalara Author Jason Moore
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