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VAT Reporting v18.9.1

  • Sep 30, 2018 | Jason Moore

VAT Reporting v18.9.1


This release is a maintenance release of the VAT Reporting application for the month of October 18. It includes changes in reporting documents, modifications in VAT Reporting and bug fixes.

New Malaysian SST-02 Form:

We have implemented the Sales and Service tax return in VAT Reporting Form SST-02. However, as there are no confirmed guidelines published and we are pending confirmation from the tax office, we have only introduced mappings to certain boxes.

Section B1 has been implemented on the SST-02 return for MY. However, please be aware that currently transactions that are not mapped to section B2 will also appear in section B1.

Section B2 of the MY SST-02 form does not include the mappings to Box 13 (Credit notes). Customers can add the credit notes manually using the “boxes” section of VR. Penalties to be reported in box 15 can be included through a user field.

Section D 18 b and Section E are not currently covered. This will be updated in next releases. No user fields have been added to these sections, but customers can populate in the “boxes” section of VR.

We have implemented the 10% Standard rate for goods with the indicator S, 5% reduced rate for goods with the indicator R and the Standard rate for services at 6% with the indicator X.

We have mapped the following ID’s –

  • ID’s 646 and 808 to the 10% taxable goods boxes of the SST-02 return,
  • ID’s 642 and 850 to the 5% taxable goods boxes; and
  • ID’s 588 and 892 to the Export box.
  • ID’s 794 to the taxable services other than from Group H at 6% box and Id 804 has been set to -9999 (doesn’t exist). We have used ID 794 with the definition other box (X). Therefore, when mapping services at standard rate ID 804 cannot be used because it won’t flow to the correct box.

ID’s need to be re-set so that the new boxes are mapped for SST. More mappings will be done in future releases.

Avalara Author
Jason Moore
Avalara Author Jason Moore
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