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Slovakia – Requirement to only make tax invoice payments to published bank accounts

In November 2021, new legislation was introduced in Slovakia requiring Slovak VAT registered businesses to report their bank accounts (both domestic and foreign) to the Slovak Financial Directorate vi...Continued

Australia proposing “Business eInvoicing Right”

The Australian Government has announced a proposal to create a “Business eInvoicing Right” (BER) with a staggered approach from July 1, 2023. ...Continued

Sequential invoice numbering for tax invoices

The majority of countries with a VAT or GST regime require tax invoices to have a unique sequential number. ...Continued

B2G e-invoicing to be compulsory in Luxembourg

On December 14, 2021, a new law was published in Luxembourg’s Official Journal which will make it compulsory for businesses involved in public contracts to issue electronic invoices to the Government....Continued

Import One-Stop Shop: Six months on

It’s now been six months since the EU introduced major changes to how low-value goods shipped from outside the EU to European consumers were taxed. ...Continued

Avalara’s 5-point plan to be Tax Compliance Ready in 2022

According to a survey from Barclaycard, in 2021, a surge in online shopping saw consumer spending in 2021 surpass 2019 levels by 5.9%, despite the Covid-19 limitations in place....Continued

Brexit one year on: keep your business moving across the EU

The world of tax never stops. While you might still be catching your breath after the busy holiday period, further changes have come into place since the start of the year. ...Continued

Belgium - Finance Minister confirms intention to implement mandatory B2B e-invoicing

On October 29, 2021, Belgium’s Minister of Finance released a policy note in relation to the 2022 Budget Agreement, reaffirming the Belgian Government’s intention to introduce mandatory e-invoicing fo...Continued

Latvia – Government backs mandatory B2B e-invoicing

The Latvian Cabinet has formally reviewed and publicly backed a report on the introduction of e-invoicing prepared by the Ministry of Finance....Continued

Major changes to e-invoicing in Mexico

The Mexican tax authority (Servicio de Administración Tributaria – “SAT”) has announced changes to its CFDI electronic invoicing system, which will affect both the CFDI issue and receipt/payment proce...Continued