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Romania proposed VAT cut to 16% 2020

The Romanian Senate is considering cutting the country’s standard Value Added Tax rate from 19% to 16% on 1 January 2020. The reduced VAT rate would also be reduced from 9% to 5%....Continued

Poland delays VAT split payments till Nov 2019

Poland has again postponed the implementation of the VAT split payments regime, this time until 1 November 2019. The measure had already been delayed from July to September earlier this year....Continued

US Ohio imposes sales tax on remote sellers

Ohio today has become the latest US state to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state retailers. This includes sellers from outside of the US. Ohio will also require facilitating marketplaces to c...Continued

Hungary cuts hotel VAT to 5%

The Hungarian parliament has approved a range of tax cuts for 2020, including the following VAT amendments. VAT on accommodation services from hotels, B&B and house sharing will be reduced from 18% to...Continued


Indonesia levies VAT on foreign e-commerce

Indonesia is planning to bring non-resident e-commerce sellers into the VAT net. Legislation is being completed for foreign providers of goods and services online to Indonesian consumer to be obliged ...Continued

Brazil second VAT implementation bill

A second bill to consolidate a plethora of Brazilian indirect taxes has been presented to the Senate on 9 July 2019. The Chamber of Deputies is already reviewing an alternative Brazil VAT bill....Continued

Italy VAT update

Italy has enforced a range of VAT compliance measures from 28 June affecting SdI live invoice submissions and other issues...Continued

Costa Rica VAT launch penalty suspension

Following this month’s introduction of a 13% Value Added Tax in Costa Rica, the government has granted a three-month suspension of any penalties. ...Continued

US Wisconsin imposes marketplace sales tax collections

Wisconsin has become the latest US state to require marketplaces to collect sales taxes on transactions by out-of-state retailers on their platforms. The new collections obligations will come into for...Continued


Bahrain VAT return guidance

Following the 1 January 2019 introduction of 5% VAT in Bahrain, the local National Bureau for Revenue has issued updated guidance on requirements for VAT returns. ...Continued