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US North Carolina marketplace sales tax obligations Feb 2020

North Carolina becomes the latest state to impose sales tax collections obligations on marketplaces. The requires marketplaces that have ‘facilitated’ sales by their third-party remote sellers to with...Continued

Oman 5% VAT launch early 2021

Oman’s Commerce Minister has confirmed that Value Added Tax will not be introduced until at least early 2021. The postponement had already been disclosed in a July 2019 bond prospectus. ...Continued

Polish VAT new micro-account payment arrangements

Polish VAT registered businesses will be provided with their own unique tax ‘micro-account’ banking payment arrangements from 1 January 2020. The accounts may be used immediately for tax remittances, ...Continued

Italy VAT rise confirmed for 2021

Italy has confirmed that is has rolled over the planned VAT rise from the current 22% to 25% (Jan 2021), and then to 26.5% (Jan 2022). This is contained within the new 2020 Budget Law. There will be a...Continued

Mexico foreign e-services providers VAT register by Jul 2020

Mexico has advised non-resident providers of electronic or digital services to Mexican consumers that they must register for VAT by 1 July 2020. This is one month after VAT is introduced on foreign-so...Continued

Venezuela reconfirms 16% VAT rate

Venezuela has reconfirmed its standard VAT rate at 16% for 2020. The rate was increased from 12% to 16% as an emergency economic measure in September 2018....Continued

Polish live VAT e-invoices 2021

The Polish Ministry of Finance is hoping to introduce live VAT e-invoice reporting regime in 2021. It will model itself on the successful Italian SdI pre-clearance model....Continued

Poland late on EU VAT Four Quick Fixes

Poland has missed the 1st January 2020 deadline to implement the EU VAT Four Quick Fixes. The aim of the measures is to simplify compliance and curb VAT fraud around B2B zero-rated cross-border suppli...Continued

EU VAT Four Quick Fixes - planning issues

On 1 January 2020, the EU introduced four 'quick fixes' to the B2B VAT regime to reduce the compliance burden and VAT Fraud. Below is a summary of planning issues for the amendments, with links to pre...Continued

Italy Esterometro VAT filing switches to quarterly filing

The Italian Esterometro listing of cross-border transactions will no longer be required on a monthly basis. Instead, it is only required on a quarterly basis. The deadline will remain the last working...Continued