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New report: True economic cost of cross-border tax complexity revealed

Nearly a year after the introduction of a wave of EU VAT reforms, our latest research shines a spotlight on an economic deficit of £47.6bn in 2021....Continued

Building a subscription business doesn’t have to be taxing

Given the rise of the home-based economy following the global pandemic, there has been a surge in the subscription-based model. A trajectory set to continue....Continued

Peppol, the Four-Corner model and Continuous Transactions Controls

Avalara attended the Peppol Americas workshop in Miami on May 9, 2022, seeking to gain a greater understanding of the issues that need to be addressed for Peppol to be implemented in the Americas....Continued

Your blueprint for breaking into new markets

Avalara’s upcoming tax and technology virtual conference, CRUSH Global, will help you create your blueprint for your own successful entry into new markets....Continued

USA - E-Invoicing Market Pilot Update

Find out how to build a business case for e-invoicing and secure buy-in from stakeholders. Download our expert e-book to learn more....Continued

Egypt – New simplified VAT registration & reporting

Egypt announces the introduction of new simplified registration and reporting for non-resident digital services providers and sellers of goods and a new B2C e-receipt system pilot....Continued

Ireland updates tax compliance interventions and B2G e-invoicing guidance

The Irish revenue issues new Code of Practice for tax compliance interventions and NSAI Technical Committee issues guidance to help suppliers that are starting to issue e-invoices with public bodies....Continued

The shift in approach to e-invoicing by businesses – from local and tactical to scalable and strategic

Businesses are looking to identify a single e-invoicing solution and process that not only meets the requirements of today, but meets the requirements of the future....Continued

Five key takeaways from France’s “Journée de la Facture Électronique 2022”

The “Journée de la Facture Électronique 2022”, brought together a number of stakeholders including representatives from the DGFiP, businesses and e-invoicing solution providers.We have summarised five...Continued

Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) already benefits 8,000 businesses selling into the EU

From July 1, 2021, VAT exemption for low value imports into the EU’s 27 countries was removed. VAT is now due on all sales of goods into the EU....Continued