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UK Making Tax Digital phase 2 launches

1 April 2021 sees the launch of the UK’s Making Tax Digital for VAT Phase 2 (MTD), with big new digital requirements on over one million UK VAT registered businesses. These are the changes that were d...Continued

1 April 2021 global VAT & GST changes

1 April 2021 global Value Added Tax and Goods & Services Tax measures coming into effect...Continued

France B2B e-invoicing B2C e-records 2023

France is progressing its 2023 launch of B2B e-invoice and B2C e-records reporting. It has opted to follow the Mexican-model with government certified agents for submitting live invoices for digital s...Continued

Malta increase in VAT registration threshold

The Maltese government has announced in its 2021 budget plans to raise its Value Added Tax threshold €30,000...Continued

Do I need a VAT fiscal representative after Brexit?

Following the UK leaving the EU VAT regime from 1 January 2021, UK e-commerce sellers or B2B supply chain operators may have the obligation to appoint VAT Fiscal Representatives for their non-resident...Continued

Florida to impose sales tax obligations on foreign sellers?

Florida is edging closer to imposing sales tax collection obligations on foreign, or ‘remote’ sellers and facilitating marketplaces. Following the 2018 South Dakota vs Wayfair Supreme Court ruling, s...Continued

Canada British Columbia PST on digital services 1 April 2021

The Canadian province on British Columbia has introduced from 1 April 2021 the obligation to charge Provincial Sales Tax (PST) on income earned by non-resident providers of digital services. Check Ava...Continued

Italy COVID-19 VAT measures

Italy is offering a two-year payment plan on Value Added Tax liabilities for businesses during the coronavirus pandemic...Continued

World turns to VAT cuts on COVID-19 threat

Countries are turning to emergency tax cuts to support their stuttering economies under the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. VAT is the popular stimulant as it can be adjusted overnight and boosts consu...Continued

Hungary live reporting 1 April B2C mandatory

Hungary’s live VAT transaction reporting (RTIR) is being extended from 1 April 2021 to include B2C invoices. The plan had been for the current B2B invoice submissions regime to include consumer invoic...Continued