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EU Commission acts on states’ VAT rule breaking

The European Commission (EC) has issued a range of first warnings to certain member states for infringing the VAT Directive rules. Read more. ...Continued

Missed the July 1 EU VAT reform deadline? Don't worry, it’s not too late to register

If you missed the EU VAT reform starting from July 1, it’s not too late to register. 1 July marked the introduction of Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) but it’s not a hard deadline....Continued

IOSS, MOSS, OSS: what does it all mean?

Within the 1 July VAT reforms , IOSS, OSS and MOSS are a group of acronyms that are commonly used but often not well understood. These three terms will form the way your business runs long-term - fin...Continued

Do I need an IOSS intermediary?

If you’re a non-EU business to consumer (B2C) seller, it’s time to consider your options when it comes to Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS)....Continued

Belgium moves to digital VAT registrations

Belgium now requires potential VAT payers to register via an online process rather than the traditional paper-based application. Find out what this covers....Continued

Portugal Azores VAT cut to 16% July 2021

The Portuguese Azores has cut its standard Value Added Tax rate from 18% to 16% from July 1, 2021, as a “significant lever for the regional economy". ...Continued

UK - Northern Ireland VAT on moving goods

Following the end of the UK’s Brexit transition period, moving goods between Northern Ireland (NI) and the rest of the UK (Great Britain, GB) has taken on new compliance obligations. See how this impa...Continued

US Missouri to tax foreign sales and marketplaces

The US state of Missouri is to become the last state operating a sales tax regime to impose taxing obligations on foreign, ‘out-of-state’ sellers and marketplaces, from January 1, 2023....Continued

EC set to update progress on VAT reforms

In addition to the ecommerce package set to come into place on 1 July, the European Commission will update progress made so far on future Value Added Tax reforms. ...Continued

Belgium extends VAT deadlines to reflect COVID

The Belgian Federal Public Service for Finance has announced a relaxation of Belgian Value Added Tax submission deadlines. See updates. ...Continued