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UK EU Withdrawal Agreement and VAT

The UK government has approved the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement (‘WA’) and Political Declaration, negotiated with representatives of the EU27...Continued

German consignment stock 2019 extension

Germany has extended the timetable for the implementation of consignment stock VAT registration simplification until the start of 2019....Continued

Poland cuts VAT on e-books to 5%

Poland has announced plans to cut the VAT rate on e-books from 1 April 2019 ...Continued

Romania asked by EU to end VAT split payments

The European Commission has sent a letter of formal notice to Romania requesting it to withdraw its new VAT split payment regime on the ground of burdening honest businesses with unreasonable complian...Continued

Germany passes marketplace VAT liability laws

On 9 November 2018, the German Parliament passed a new law making online marketplaces potential liable for unpaid VAT by third-party merchants on their platforms. ...Continued

UK missing VAT grows by £1.3 billion

Figures released by the HMRC show that the UK VAT Gap has grown to £13.3billion in 2017/18...Continued


Colombia to cut VAT to 17% by 2021

Colombia is proposing that it cuts its VAT rate to help boost the struggling economy...Continued


Malaysia SST on foreign e-services 2019

Malaysia is to extend Sales and Services Tax liabilities to non-resident providers of electronic services...Continued

EU adopts e-book VAT harmonization

The European Union has formally ratified the right of member states to harmonise their VAT rates on electronic books and publications...Continued


Bulgaria raises intrastate thresholds 2019

Bulgaria is to increase the threshold declaration threshold from 1 January 2019 ...Continued