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Ireland suspend late VAT penalties on coronavirus crisis

The Irish Revenue Commission has announced tax measures to help business with cashflow issues arising from the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. ...Continued

Pakistani VAT COVID-19 measures

The Pakistani Federal Board of Revenue has moved the filing deadlines for sales tax. The January and February 2020 returns are now both due by 15 April 2020. The payment deadlines for the February sal...Continued

World turns to VAT cuts on coronavirus COVID-19 threat

Countries are turning to emergency tax cuts to support their stuttering economies under the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. VAT is the popular stimulant as it can be adjusted overnight and boosts consu...Continued

UK defers £30bn VAT payments till 30 June on COVID-19 coronavirus

The UK has announced that all VAT payments are postponed for the next three months until the end of June 2020. Settlement is due by 31 March 2021. This will benefit around 2 million VAT payers, and af...Continued

Iceland COVID-19 VAT measures

Iceland has agreed Value Added Tax and other tax benefits for businesses during the coronavirus epidemic....Continued

Croatia COVID-19 VAT deferrals

Croatia is to allow VAT registered businesses to delay their Value Added Tax liabilities due in April out to July. There will be no penalties or late interest charges. But returns must still be filed ...Continued

Poland VAT payment delays for coronavirus crisis; delays SAF-T

Poland has changed policy on VAT payments for the COVID-19 crisis. VAT filings are due on the 25th of March, as normal. However, taxpayers may apply for a liabilities write-off or extension of the pay...Continued

Moldova COVID-19 VAT rate cut

The Moldavian Ministry of Finance has proposed some initial Value Added Tax measures to assist businesses struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. VAT will be cut for the tourism indu...Continued

South Korea VAT coronavirus reliefs

South Korea has introduced a number of Value Added Tax easements to help businesses during the economic slowdown. ...Continued

Portugal VAT coronavirus measures

Portugal has announced a range of payment easements and other support for businesses. In the second quarter of 2020, VAT payments may be paid as follows by businesses with a turnover not exceeding €10...Continued