Singapore GST reforms for foreign sellers

The city-state of Singapore is looking to withdraw its low-value items import GST threshold from 2023. This is similar to reforms already executed in Australia, New Zealand and the EU.

The Ministry of Finance is now consulting on the following changes:

  • The current GST exemption on sales of imports not exceeding SGD 400 would be withdrawn from January 1, 2023. 
  • Instead B2C sellers would need to GST register if they exceed the GST registration threshold, and then charge their online customer GST in the checkout. 
  • If above the SGD 400 limit, then the current import GST procedures will apply.
  • Implementation of GST on B2C non-digital services provided by foreign providers. This would include: 

    • Live interaction with overseas providers of educational learning

    • Fitness training

    • Telemedicine

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