2022 global VAT & GST rate changes

Below are the confirmed or scheduled 2022 VAT rate changes around the world. Sign-up for your regular VAT newsletter or our monthly VAT blog, VATVoice.

2022 VAT rate changes

Date Country Rate type Current (or
old) rate
New rate
15-Jan-22 Angola Standard
(consumer goods)
move to reduced rate
14% 7%
01-Jul-22 Anguilla Standard rate n/a 13%
01-Jan-22 Austria Reduced
(Hospitality reverts
to reduced rate)
5% 10%
01-Jan-22 Bahamas Standard 12% 10%
01-Jan-22 Bahrain Standard 5% 10%
01-Jul-22 Bhutan Standard n/a 20%
01-Apr-22 Indonesia Standard rate 10% 11%
01-Jan-22 New Caledonia Reduced (services) 6% 11%
01-Apr-22 United Kingdom Reduced
(Hospitality reverts
to reduced rate)
12.5% 20%
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