Doing business in the USA

Ecommerce continues growing by leaps and bounds and now accounts for 15% of all retail sales in the US. Last year alone, US consumers spent $870 billion online.

However, as with all cross-border sales, selling into the US is not without its complexity. Sales tax compliance is key and navigating the ins and outs of sales tax is complex for even the savviest business owner. Failing to comply puts your business at high risk for audit, penalties, and you could even face fraud charges. If you get sales tax right, you’ll reap the rewards and potential profits of selling into this booming online retail market.

To support those ready to grow, here at Avalara, we are proud to announce a partnership with Blue Link Worldwide, to provide specialist tax advisory support for their upcoming webinar series: ‘Doing Business in the USA’.

Blue Link Worldwide, an independent business advisory firm offering support for organisations seeking to operate across the US, offers a range of services and support for those seeking to enter the US market. 

With sessions taking place between March and June 2022, whether you’re thinking of starting, developing, or already doing business in the USA, this event is essential viewing. With experts on cross-border and sales tax on hand, you’ll come away with practical learnings to help you increase your customerbase, drive revenue, and position your brand for the future.

The first session in partnership with the Department of International Trade was live on March 24th 2022 you can playback the conversation in full here

So, if you’re a business with dreams of significant growth or an established brand seeking to progress further, now is the time to be thinking about the American ecommerce dream.

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