USA - E-Invoicing Market Pilot Update

Avalara attended the Business Payments Coalition (BPC) Workshop in Miami on May 9, 2022. 

By way of background, the E-invoice Exchange Market Pilot will build and test a virtual network that will enable US businesses to exchange e-invoices with one another through the establishment of a secure, open e-invoice delivery framework between providers. Under the pilot, there will be three waves of Access Point development and delivery, with the intent that each wave will build upon the success of previous ones - each trying to incorporate the learnings of those that came before. The pilot will run through year-end 2022 to establish an operational B2B invoice exchange framework for the U.S. market in 2023. 

Key Takeaways

At the BPC Workshop, Chris Welsh (Chair, Market Pilot) provided an update and summary of the achievements and status of the Market Pilot.

  • There are 78 organisations participating in the Market Pilot, representing a diverse set of service providers and corporates, including:
    • Financial institutions
    • B2B networks
    • Consultants
    • Billing service providers
    • AP/AR providers
    • Bank processors
    • Business end users
    • Industry organizations
  • Technical specifications across Delivery, Directory Services and Data have been issued by the Technical Committee

  • The first wave of network access points has been implemented. This is a major milestone that has been achieved. The 20 participants in the first wave are successfully connecting and beginning to exchange e-invoices utilising the BPC specifications. This will be expanded in the second and third waves with more participants being added.

  • The timelines for the Market Pilot Waves are:


Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3


April 1 - June 30

July 1 - Sep 30

Oct 1 - Dec 31





Avalara is a participant in the Market Pilot. While there are currently no clear e-invoicing mandates either at a state or federal level in the US, companies with a global footprint or doing business internationally are increasingly needing to monitor changing e-invoicing rules and mandates and develop their own e-invoicing strategy and roadmap.

Get in touch now and speak to one of our indirect tax experts to see how Avalara can assist with sales tax. 

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