VAT Expert for ICB members

VAT Expert is an automated online tool that analyses transactions and helps ensure that you are charging the correct VAT rate for your clients. Contact us now to receive your discounted ICB member rate of just £950 per annum.

Contact us now to receive your discounted ICB member rate of just £950 per annum.

Reduce VAT compliance risks and costs

Avalara VAT Expert will help you improve the accuracy of your clients’ VAT calculations by providing the correct VAT determination for thousands of different kinds of transactions.

VAT Expert will help you:

  • Build a deep understanding of VAT rules and regulations
  • Comply with VAT rules in each country
  • Reduce the risk of fines and penalties for failing to comply
  • Understand the requirements for invoices and returns

VAT determination for professionals

Reduce risk and enable your clients to conduct international business with greater confidence

VAT Expert features

VAT Expert ships with numerous pre-defined customer and supplier types, which can be modified to meet specific requirements. The service also includes a database covering an even wider range of goods and service models with applicable VAT types in different countries.

VAT Expert is used by hundreds of companies across Europe and beyond. Whether you are a multinational company with complex supply chains or a small entrepreneur venturing into foreign countries, VAT Expert will give you the VAT guidance you need at the low cost you want.

Clear answers
Detailed coverage of VAT for European entities trading within and across Europe.

Comprehensive invoices
Create both eletronic and invoices to match local VAT requirements

With VAT Expert you can also:

  • Indicate how your transactions should be reported on your VAT return(s)
  • Discover whether you have obligations related to quarterly sales listings or Intrastat
  • View a sample invoice containing all the required VAT statements
  • Reference VAT legislation and the European Directive (in its different language versions)
  • Use our ‘VAT Refund Wizard’ to check whether you can claim for a refund of foreign VAT

Frequently asked questions


Is VAT Expert always up to date?

With VAT Expert, you can stop worrying about frequent changes to VAT law. The service is continually updated to reflect the latest legal amendments.

How can VAT Expert help me with my clients?

VAT Expert frees you to do more important things because it can quickly suggest answers to your clients’ complex VAT questions.