Engineering Manager (R2912)

Engineering | Remote, United States,Seattle, WA, United States

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An Engineering Manager is responsible for creating software for use by the company. He or she works in a team of between 2 and 5 professionals who are assigned specific tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

An Engineering Manager must have:
• A strong interest in getting things right – all the time
• A high level of curiosity about things not known and willingness to learn
• An ability to smartly organize information
• A sharp eye to see or spot things that are not the way they should be
• Be willing to get on the phone, establish positive relationships with other professionals in the company, and gather information to ensure that programs meet all requirements of users
• A great work ethic so that they don't ever leave until the job is done

Here are the tools and concepts that the team expects to work with:
• Languages: Go, JavaScript, and PHP
• Frameworks: Vue.js, Laravel, and Symfony
• Concepts: Model View Controller (MVC) and Micro Services
• Technologies: Containers, Kubernetes, Gitlab, and Elastic Search
• Databases: MariaDB/MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS SQL

Engineering Managers should have a very positive attitude about their day to day responsibilities and toward their team, their projects, and any other work challenges. It is their job to be positive, want to learn, and quickly ask for help when they get stuck or confused about how or what to do.

Below is a list of tasks an Engineering Manager is expected to help a team perform the following at peak efficiency as well as help out as needed:
• Write or modify programming code/client applications/internal applications.
• Find information or data as it relates to programming.
• Verify accuracy of code.
• Test, debug, modify, and verify that programs work before they are released.
• Maintain logs of activities and completed work. (Daily plans & Weekly Reports)

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