Technical Program Manager

Engineering | Pune, MH, India

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As the Technical Program Manager, you will facilitate the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) processes and program execution, drive to successful releases, escalate impediments, manage risk, and help drive program-level continuous improvement. You are responsible for facilitating program level work within the Avalara SDLC and SAFe framework and coordinating with all teams across the organization. The Technical Program Manager will have oversight to Dependency Management, facilitate the Scrum of Scrum meetings and drive a set of software programs through the life cycle to successful completion and maintenance.


  • Agile Mindset – A great Technical Program Manager not only understands the foundations of Agile and SAFe but embraces an Agile mindset. A great Technical Program Manager will be value focused and guided by the Lean-Agile principles, with a concentration on Dependency Management thinking.
  • Courageous – Like a Scrum Lead, a great Technical Program Manager has the courage to say what needs to be said in a respectful and tactful way. They respect the authority and direction of management, but have the courage to deliver the truth, even if it is not what people want to hear.
  • The Technical Program Manager must have the courage to say “no” sometimes in order to avoid over-committing the program to too much work.
  • Leadership – A great Technical Program Manager is above all a Leader, leading the team by example, by actions as well as by words. They earn the respect of the Release Team, from both the leadership as well as the teams.
  • The Technical Program Manager will serve the program as the primary escalation contact and be ready to do whatever is necessary to keep the release train rolling.
  • The Technical Program Manager steps up when called upon to work with the Scrum Leads, Product Management Team and other representatives of the organization.
  • Integrity – A great Technical Program Manager is a person of integrity. They hold themselves accountable to keep their word and deal fairly with everyone.
  • Facilitator – A great Technical Program Manager is comfortable presenting in front of the team and management. They have an arsenal of tools and techniques to provide accurate, up to date and actionable data and status.
  • Negotiator – A great Technical Program Manager understands that most things are not black and white. There are many shades of grey, where matters must be negotiated to achieve an agreement that is palatable to all parties involved.
  • Communicator – A great Technical Program Manager can deliver a message with tact, being sensitive to how the message is received by the team or by management.


  • Oversees moderately complex and/or medium-scale projects from initiation to completion by exercising best program management practices
  • Features Prioritization and estimation with focus on business value
  • Establish respectful high-trust relationships with program partners and stakeholders
  • Establish and communicate the annual calendars for iterations/sprints and Program Increments (PIs)
  • Facilitate cross team planning and alignment by facilitating Program Increment (PI) planning
  • Facilitate PI planning readiness by guiding vision and backlog preparation during Pre and Post PI planning meeting
  • Collaborate with Agile / Scrum of Scrum team members, delivery team members, stakeholders, business owners etc., in order to refine a backlog of epics, features, and stories to deliver the highest value outcomes for the business.
  • Coordination at scale by managing program activities across many teams, ensuring dependencies and risks are identified and mitigated, and impediments are resolved in a timely manner in order to drive program predictability and velocity.
  • Promote data-driven decision making by guiding the program to optimization through continuous improvement using data to inform discussions
  • Apply Lean and Agile practices appropriately in a way that is consistent with the underlying values and principles of the Avalara SDLC and lean and agile mindset
  • Ability to recognize how the components (i.e. individuals and teams) of the program interact as a system and optimize the whole so that it becomes more than the sum of its parts.
  • Foster a culture of trust, collaboration, communication, transparency, and continuous learning & improvement.
  • Coaching by sharing experience and knowledge of lean agile practices (SAFe framework) in an open and collaborative way to promote learning and autonomy and increase mastery amongst staff and leaders.
  • Effectively facilitating at scale. Align the audience to organizational goals and outcomes, creates engagement and empower teams.
  • Identify, engage, and communicate with stakeholders involved in planning and execution to increase alignment towards value delivered
  • Focus on a culture of shared accountability between teams on the train and collaboration with teams on other trains. Implement Scrum of Scrums and Cross-Train communication channels
  • Develop a standard set of tools for teams to track cross-team dependencies, deliverables, product/feature launches
  • Manage risks, assumptions, dependencies, issues, scope, schedule, quality, reporting, and budget for assigned program


  • BA/BS Computer Science or Engineering
  • 8+ years' experience in program/project management
  • Willing to work in a fast-paced and flexible work environment
  • Ability to work with distributed teams
  • Experienced in Agile and Scrum. Certification a plus.
  • Executive presence, high level of professionalism, confidentiality, and judgment

Preferred Qualifications

  • PMP or similar certification
  • Demonstrated ability to manage complex dependencies in-project, out-of-project, in-company, and out-of-company, upstream and downstream within project constraints
  • Demonstrated ability to establish KPIs, track velocity, and execute structured problem solving
  • Demonstrated ability to work in complex cross-cultural environments to drive business process change.
  • Experience developing operational processes and process improvement
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver both strategic and tactical results across diverse cultures from inception to completion
  • MBA preferred

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