E-invoicing – The Direction of Travel

Digitalisation of the Tax Landscape

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Worldwide, there are over 80 countries with some form of e-invoicing or e-reporting legislation. And this digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down - increasingly, tax authorities around the world are looking to technology as a means of more effective and efficient tax collection.

By mandating e-invoicing, local tax authorities are seeking to close the VAT gap and protect their revenues. On the flip side, businesses need to ensure they stay compliant with both new and emerging requirements.

But with a lack of harmonisation, and so many different aspects of e-invoicing, it’s not an easy task keeping up with the shifting requirements of tax authorities around the world.

Join Alex Baulf and Reece Duncan from Avalara as they look at the current and planned VAT digitisation regimes for 2022 and beyond, everything from E-invoicing to real time reporting and QR codes.

Our experts discuss the implications and burden of compliance for tax professionals, provide expert insight on both the technical and implementation challenges facing businesses, and how to be strategic and global versus tactical and local.

In this session we will cover:

  • The different aspects of e-invoicing
  • Upcoming e-invoice deadlines for 2022
  • How to achieve compliance and keep pace with changing requirements
  • Technical and implementation challenges for businesses
  • Strategic and global vs tactical and local
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Alex Baulf 
Senior Director, Global Indirect Tax

Alex leads on global indirect tax at Avalara, leading on engagement with policy and business leaders to develop a tax and compliance environment that will streamline and accelerate commerce for the overall growth of the economy. With over 16 years experience in global VAT and GST and international indirect tax consultancy, Alex has specialised in analysing changing VAT requirements and advising on impact assessment and change management across processes, data and technology.

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Reece Duncan
Senior Solutions Consultant, Avalara

Reece Duncan has 11 years’ experience working with indirect tax technology and is a Senior Manager who leads the Avalara EMEA Solution Consulting team based in Brighton. 

Prior to joining Avalara Reece worked as a Senior Manager at KPMG UK focusing on indirect tax technology solutions and implementations for global customers. Reece is a Chartered Accountant and Tax-qualified    graduate via the KPMG Tax Business School.