How to sell into the USA : Achieve the American Ecommerce Dream

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Ecommerce continues growing by leaps and bounds and now accounts for 15% of all retail sales in the US. If you’re a brand with dreams of significant growth, now is the time to sell to US consumers who spent $870 billion online last year. Increase your customer base, drive revenue, and position your brand for the future.

But selling into the US is not without its complexity. Sales tax compliance is key. However, navigating the in’s and out’s of sales tax is complex for even the savviest business owner. Failing to comply puts your business at high risk for audit, penalties, and you could even face fraud charges. If you get sales tax right, you’ll reap the rewards and potential profits of selling into this booming online retail market.

In this webinar, join our cross-border and sales tax experts to learn how to sell into the US successfully and achieve the American ecommerce dream.

You will learn:

  • The difference between sales tax and VAT
  • How to collect the correct sales tax in every state
  • How to register for a sales tax permit in new states
  • Why automation is the trick to more accurate compliance

Hosted by:

Nicole Morton

Cross-Border Solutions Manager, Avalara

Nicole is a Cross-Border Solutions Manager with over 10 years’ experience at companies like DHL and Aramex, supporting customers to expand their businesses internationally.

Benjamin Faust

Tax Technology Solutions Manager, Avalara

Benjamin has a passion for software automation and an in-depth understanding of indirect taxes. He has been helping businesses solve the complex challenges of selling internationally for three years with Avalara's market leading tax automation solutions.