Overcoming tax challenges for growing software businesses

Trading in new markets and countries means opportunities for growth, but also having to adhere to additional tax regulations —regardless of whether the business is physically based in that country. 

Software companies are therefore faced with the complicated task of juggling different regional requirements, charging the correct rates, and organising tax returns to continue growing.

In this session, you will learn how to overcome the top tax challenges facing your digital business so you can keep growing internationally.

About the speakers

Ianthe Spillemaeckers

EMEA VAT Solutions Manager

Ianthe is a member of Avalara's EMEA VAT sales team, helping businesses understand their VAT liabilities and how Avalara's solutions can support compliance. She has multiple years experience as a VAT consultant, working as part of the Avalara team as well as with Deloitte in Belgium.

Olivia Gates

EMEA Sales Manager

Olivia has a wealth of knowledge and with over 10 years’ experience in the software industry, she has the answers to the many complex questions surrounding the world of tax and the software solutions to put your mind at ease and automate the process. Olivia now specialises in Avalara’s cloud-based global tax technology, a powerful tool for managing the evolving landscape of compliance. Be it US sales tax, customs and duties tariffs or global tax compliance, Avalara gives you the opportunity to automate your entire process from registrations to calculations through to remittance and filing.

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