Preparing for the future of e-invoicing

Video: Global trends and expectations for the future of e-invoicing

As e-invoicing and real-time reporting grow across the world, businesses should prepare

This webinar, in partnership with The CFO and KPMG, covers:

  • What e-invoicing is and how it actually works
  • A timeline of current e-invoicing mandates and upcoming mandates
  • How e-invoicing and real-time reporting help authorities reduce tax fraud 
  • Common challenges businesses face when implementing e-invoicing processes
  • How to prepare for e-invoicing

About the speakers

Matt Harrison

EMEA VAT Solutions Director, Avalara

Matt is one of Avalara’s top VAT solutions specialists, with in-depth VAT knowledge and a unique perspective on the impact tax changes have on businesses.

James Dodd

VAT Solutions and E-Invoicing Manager, Avalara

James works with CFOs, finance directors, and anyone involved in indirect tax or invoicing to help solve tax compliance problems they didn’t know existed.