Guide to the 2021 UK ecommerce VAT overhaul

Learn how the new ecommerce VAT obligations for sellers and marketplaces in the UK will impact your business.

The UK’s HMRC is overhauling the rules of VAT for ecommerce from 1 January 2021. This is at the same time as the end of the Brexit transition period, which brings separate VAT and customs changes. The new UK ecommerce reforms puts new VAT calculation and collections obligations on UK and international sellers that sell into the UK. It also makes online marketplaces responsible for the VAT on certain transactions by their sellers.

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This guide provides an overview of the UK's major reforms, and how it will affect sellers and marketplaces’ VAT, customs and tariff obligations. 

What's inside?

  • End of £15 import VAT exemption
  • Obligation to charge import VAT in checkout
  • Marketplaces take on VAT obligations of sellers
  • Coincides with Jan 2021 Brexit VAT and customs changes
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