2021 US sales tax changes report

US sales tax compliance is always complex. This year, its complexity is compounding the challenges facing businesses struggling to adapt to the effects of COVID-19.

Now, more than ever, businesses need to keep a careful eye on legislative changes and emerging trends as state and local governments look to recoup revenue losses due to business restrictions and closures. The 2021 US sales tax changes report covers all this and more.

New sales tax compliance obstacles and regulations have impacted – and will likely continue to impact – different industries in vastly different ways as we head into 2021. To help track all this, we’ve also, for the first time, included a breakdown of these impacts on different industries.

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Brexit survival guide

This guide provides an overview of the 2021 US sales tax changes.

What's inside?

  • COVID-19’s effect on US sales tax
  • Industry impacts on Ecommerce, Retail, Services, Manufacturing and Software
  • Top 10 areas tax authorities will be looking to target, (Including uncovering sales tax from unregistered remote sellers in at number 2).
  • Essential resources to stay up to date in 2021

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