US sales tax for European businesses
US sales tax for European businesses

The Future of Ecommerce

It’s been 18 months like no other for the ecommerce sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated an expansion of ecommerce towards new firms, with many brands forced to go online, reinvent ways to engage their customers and look to new technology to see them into the future.

The Future of Ecommerce 2021 report by Raconteur looks at how ecommerce can remain on a high beyond the pandemic especially as stores reopen, how luxury retail has embraced online, getting returns right and whether live shopping and super apps will become mainstream.

Read the report to understand:

  • How ecommerce can conquer 2021 (and beyond)
  • Why payments are a key part of the customer journey
  • Tackling returns in a way that benefits both profits and the planet
  • How digital-first, agile brands will win in a post-Covid world


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