Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Staying sales tax compliant

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast becoming a tradition for many European consumers and European businesses alike, as they respond to spikes in e-commerce orders coming from US consumers. Whilst an increase in revenue is certainly good, many businesses overlook U.S. sales tax and put their business at risk of audit from the U.S. tax authorities.

Jake Estes of Avalara will discuss key elements to consider when selling into the US:

  • Economic nexus
  • Amazon laws
  • Customs duties and fees
  • Ways to ensure your business is compliant


Jake Estes

Regional Sales Manager (EMEA) | Avalara

Jake Estes is the Regional Sales Manager (EMEA) for Avalara, the global leader in sales tax and VAT automation. For three years Jake has helped businesses utilise Avalara’s solutions to manage their US and global indirect tax compliance. Jake holds degrees from Washington State University (BA) and the University of Buckingham (MBA).

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